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Forbidden Keys to Persuasion Class Manual

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Some cult leaders and con artists can convince people to do virtually anything while the masses struggle to persuade others in even the most trivial of matters.

What do these people know that the masses do not?

The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion.

This is the complete course manual used during The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion 6 week e-class taught by Blair Warren.

It covers such topics as:

- Two ugly truths no one wants to talk about

- Why people don’t respond to “honest” communication and what they WILL respond to

- The Masking of Intent

- The Achilles Heel of the Human Mind

- Our 7 "Hidden” Addictions

- An ad that changed history

- The Mechanics of Cult Mind Control

- How to Create a Context of Power

- The Power of a God Complex and much, much more

"I would not sell my copy of Forbidden Keys to Persuasion for any amount of money, once you’ve read your copy neither will you." - Dave Lakhani, -

Price: 97.00 USD

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