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Buu's Bodies #1 Milk
Majin Buu is determined to destroy humanity, Milk crosses his path and gives him a slap. Disgusted, Majin Buu decides to have some fun with her and then, using his powers, Majin Buu absorbs her..
Mirror of Mischief
Demona has stolen Titania’s Magical Mirror to invoke its legendary servant, Puck; once summoned he will lend his powers to Demona’s wishes and she will order him to destroy Elisa and all of Goliath’s gargoyle group!..
Sailor Moon Monster Book
This artbook is based on monster women selected from the classic series, Sailor Moon. In this, we see the before and after transformation of every girl. We have also included scenes of AP, AR, and transformation of Luna into a human..
Lover Bear
Nita realizes that her love for Kenai is real, then she visits her tribe’s Shaman and friend Innoko asking her how she could be with him forever, Innoko gives her a potion that will turn her into a bear..
The Goblin King
Velma and Daphne have been captured by the Goblin King’s minions, then they will be turned into goblins and forced to procreate more soldiers for the King’s army and complete his plans to conquer the world!..
Ginger Snaps #2
Ginger starts to behave aggressively, grow hair from her wounds and sprouts a tail. Brigitte and Sam agree that Ginger was attacked by a lycanthrope and is in the process of turning into one....
Ginger Snaps #1
One night Brigitte and Ginger Fitzgerald are attacked by the paranormal creature responsible for the maulings. The creature wounds Ginger, but Brigitte rescues her. Now Ginger is turning into a werewolf..
Treehouse of Horror #2
Ned Flanders has been bitten by a werewolf, now as he becomes one his savage animal instincts dominate his mind making Maude his first victim! Now the werewolf Flanders want revenge on The Simpsons and nothing will stop them to get it!..
Dracula's Revenge
Dracula has discovered the wolfman’s tomb, he prepares a sinister plan to get revenge from Spiderwoman and unleash chaos and terror to reign over the World!..
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