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Homeschool Planner download ~ editable pdf

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Tired of looking for a brand-new homeschool planner each year? What if you could buy
ONE planner, type in your plans, save them and use the same planner year after year?

The Weekly Homeschool Planner will help you organize your school day and record your daily
learning ~ year after year. Additional forms help you keep track of testing results, evaluations and
special events. Each of the pdf pages can be typed in, edited, and saved to your own computer
every time you use it. Personalize it to fit your family! It is a homeschool planner you use year
after year.

Type your lesson plans into the form and print them off or simply save them to your computer
~ the choice is up to you! You can edit your plans any time and even save your planner to
your computer to have a digital copy each year.

What's inside the fully-editable pdf planner:

* 138 planning pages ~ 8 1/2" x 11" sized
* 12 blank month-at-a-glance pages
* 40 weeks of weekly planning and journal sheets: each page can be customized to the
subjects that your family studies and can be saved to your computer!
* Preschool planning sheets
* Field trip/Event plan sheets
* Yearly curriculum planning sheets
* Yearly planning and evaluation sheets
* Yearly attendance tracking sheets
* Field trip/Event plan sheets
* Daily to-do lists
* Main dish menu planner
* Customizable chore charts
* Important contacts info
* Additional note space
* Standardized testing and yearly assessment result tracking
* Homeschooling requirement planning

MAC users need to be sure to open and edit this file using the free version of Adobe Reader only, or the file may not operate properly.

Price: 20.00 USD

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