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Only $9.95


Over 7000 pages.

These 32 Rare eBooks are about Traditional Blacksmithing Techniques for the Homestead.

All of these books are rare and hard to find. They are now mostly out of print.

This Collection is sent to you as a Digital Download.

RARE Books from the 1800's right up to today.

This is the Must Have collection for your Blacksmithing and Metalworking Homesteading and Survival library!

The eBooks in this Collection are:

* American blacksmithing, toolsmiths' and steelworkers' manual .. (1911)

* The scientific steel worker; a practical manual for steel workers and blacksmiths (1903)

* The smith's pocket companion,
containing useful information and tables on iron and steel,
for the use of smiths and steel workers (1893)

* Handbook of practical smithing and forging; engineers, & general smiths' work (1914)

* Elementary forge practice; a textbook for technical and vocational schools (1920)

* Blacksmith shop practice .. (c1910)

* Farm blacksmithing (1904)

* Farm shop work, practical manual training ([1915])

* Machine blacksmithing (c1910)

* Standard blacksmithing, horseshoeing and wagon making / containing :
twelve lessons in elementary blacksmithing,
adapted to the demands of schools and colleges of mechanic arts .. (1907)

* The blacksmith's guide; (1907)

* Modern blacksmithing, rational horse shoeing and wagon making,
with rules, tables, recipes, etc. (1904)

* The blacksmiths' hand book (1884)

* Practical blacksmithing Volume 1 (1889)

* Practical blacksmithing Volume 3 (1889)

* Practical blacksmithing Volume 4 (1889)

* The complete guide to blacksmithing, horseshoeing (1902)

* Machine molding; foundry appliances, malleable casting, brass founding,
blacksmith-shop equipment, iron forging, tool dressing,
hardening & tempering, treatment of low-carbon steel, hammer work,
machine forging, special forging operations (1906)

* Ancient Egyptian metallurgy (1927)

* Hand-forging and wrought-iron ornamental work (1911)

* Forgecraft (1913)

* Practical forging and art smithing (1915)

* Forge work (1912)

* Drop forging Dies and Die-Sinking .. (c1910)

* Forge-practice and heat treatment of steel (1919)

* Hardening, tempering, annealing and forging of steel;
a treatise on the practical treatment and working of high and low grade steel .. (1903)

* First lessons in metal-working (1890)

* Tool-steel; a concise handbook on tool-steel in general,
its treatment in the operations of forging, annealing, hardening, tempering, etc.,
and the appliances therefor (1902)

* The value of science in the smithy and forge (1916)

* Metals and metal-working in old Japan (1915)

* Advanced metal-work (1898)

* Welding and Cutting Metals

This Collection is intended for education and informational purposes only.

Our modification and restoration process of this collection, has resulted in our creating a new work (restored or annotated or improved work), that gives us a clear and novated copyright to this modified version.

Please note.

This ebook collection is in PDF. file format.
You need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the ebooks.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer, you can download it from Adobe.
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Price: 9.95 USD

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