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The Garlic Powder Profits Report

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A Garlic Powder Profits Report
The Herrick’s Homegrown Story
By Herrick Kimball

Growing garlic, processing the bulbs into homemade garlic powder, and selling it can be a wonderfully satisfying part-time home business. I know this to be true because I had a great little garlic powder business for nine years (1998 to 2007). I discontinued the business, not for lack of sales, but for lack of land—the property I had been using to grow my garlic was no longer available, and I decided it was a good time to focus on other entrepreneurial ventures.

The pdf download being sold here is a scanned copy of the 27-page Garlic Powder Profits Report that I first published in 2003, and updated in 2006. I originally sold the comb-bound report for $16.95.

This profits report does not tell you how to grow and make garlic powder. That information is covered in my 2003 book, The Complete Guide To Making Great Garlic Powder: Homegrown & Homemade Secrets From a Garlic Powder Guru (which is now also available as an inexpensive pdf download). What this report discusses is how I marketed, priced and packaged Herrick’s Homegrown Stiffneck Garlic Powder (An Organic Delight!).

This report also contains a good dose of my “philosophy” about how to create a successful garlic powder business, and is summed up in 10 Keys to Success When Building a Sustainable Garlic Powder Business. Also included are pages showing examples of things like the yearly postcard I mailed to my customers, and the information sheet I included with every jar or bag of garlic powder that I sold. In the back of the profits report I provide some additional ideas for using your homemade garlic powder to create other value-added products.

This 27-page pdf is a scanned copy of pages from the actual report. Since this report was last updated in 2006, the prices given are probably out of date. I’m sure that I would be selling a 2.8 ounce jar of garlic powder now for more than the $10.25 I was getting in 2006. But I tell you how to figure your costs and determine a price for your powder, and that hasn’t changed.

An Important Bonus....
I have put together a web page with additional information for buyers of this report. The web page has pictures and numerous links you can click to find resources mentioned in the report. A "tiny" URL address to the web page is given on the last page of the report.

A Final Note:
I was once contacted by a buyer of this profits report who informed me that he felt the information I was selling was worth far more than the $16.95 he had paid me. He told me he would have been satisfied with spending a hundred dollars for the report and suggested that I should charge more. As you can imagine, that was some mighty encouraging feedback. But I didn’t take the advice. And now, after being out of print for a few years, here I am bringing back the profits report and selling it for even less!

I would love to see more enterprising people pursue this high-quality, value-added, niche market. It isn't "easy money" and you won't get rich at it, but making and selling garlic powder from your own homegrown garlic bulbs can be a financially rewarding and very satisfying little business.

Price: 7.95 USD

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