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INCEPTION: Beginners Manual for mass and strength
This program is for those who have been training for 6-24 months. An advanced guy could use it absoutely, however I set it up so that guys who are pretty new to training could get in the gym, take the guess work out, and just focus on doing simple basic..
Every great structure has to have a foundation. Base Building is about all the facets that go into building that foundation. Building strength, mass, and the reinforcing of technique through structured volume are all covered. This is the book that ..
Strength Life Legacy
Strength, Life, Legacy........... This is not just a book of training routines. This is my entire philosophy about life, strength building, being a better man, brother, son, husband, father, and lifter. It is about being a lifer, and what that means to..
LRB 365
Not everyone who loves the iron and the gym wants to stand onstage covered in salad dressing and be judged by their appearance. Not everyone that loves the iron wants to perform circus tricks with heavy objects or be "red lighted" for not pausi..