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Naughty Paris 2nd edition eBook (PDF)

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"Naughty Paris: A Lady's Guide to the Sexy City" 2nd edition, 2014
eBook (PDF) €6.99

Paris is arguably the sexiest place in the world. After all, which city brought us the Moulin Rouge, Henry Miller’s scandalous novels, and the series finale of “Sex and the City?” The source of its infamous naughtiness, however, remains hidden behind closed doors.

But these doors aren’t locked. Au contraire. The world of sexy Paris is open to anyone who knows where to look…and dares to discover.

Written for and by the fairer sex, Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City is the first guidebook that presents the city’s erotic underside in a sophisticated yet accessible tone that appeals to both the innocently intrigued and daring divas alike. Whether you want to be titillated by erotic art or seduced at the city’s most exclusive swingers’ clubs, this guide is the key to choosing your own adventure.

Sure, there are plenty of books out there for “romantic” Paris. While they will tell you where to buy stylish clothes and designer perfume, Naughty Paris directs you toward luscious leather corsets and the sauciest, silkiest French lingerie. They list the family-friendly restaurants. We list female-friendly bars. You'll discover sexy hotels where couples ignite their passion, not extinguish it beneath girlish chintz and doilies. Their footwear recommendations are suited for a day at the Louvre. Ours are ideal for a night at a fetish club.

Imagine the wild roommate that you had in college is now living in Paris. Naughty Paris is full of the secret addresses and insider advice that she would share with you. And this guide doesn’t just give you address information and opening hours of the city’s hottest establishments. It also tell you who else goes there, how to get in, and exactly what to expect once you’re inside. Naughty Paris also includes the secret to capturing that elusive Parisian sexiness, flirting etiquette with French men, and even a glossary of essential vocabulary that may come in handy in the boudoir.

More than ever, women are celebrating their sexuality and embracing their inner femme fatale. Paris has long been one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, so it’s no surprise that an increasing number of ladies want to explore their hidden desires in the City of Light. Naughty Paris is the daring and sassy – but never trashy or sleazy – travel guide that ladies everywhere have been waiting for.

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