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Beginning Slap Bass with MarloweDK

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25 slap lick/exercises covering the fundamental slap techniques as Slapping, popping, slides, hammerons, pullofs, bends, double thumbing etc. All exercises are shown with a normal version, a slow version and additional splitscreen closeups of the right and left hand playing reeeeal slow versions.
Pdf and mp3 files included.
Youtube demo 1 Here
Youtube demo 2 Here

Technical info:
This is the downloadable version of the "Beginning Slap Bass with MarloweDK" DVD
First you unpack the .ZIP file, most computers does that automatically, but if not, you can download the free program 7-zip HERE:
Its important that you unpack/extract to a NEW location on your harddrive, since - at least on Windows, its possible to view the contents of a zipfile without actually opening it, and the program wont run if started inside the zipfile
When the files are unpacked you click "ClickToStart.html" Its coded in Html/Flash, so you view it in you preferred Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Explorer etc) like any other website, apart from the fact that you have it stored on your own computer. You need to have the Flash player installed, get it here if you dont allready have it:
IMPORTANT UPDATE! Since its a older program that doesnt run in browsers anymore, you need to download a free swf player When the player is installed you open the file "flashdvd.swf", that will launch the Slap Bass program ( do not click "ClickToStart.html", it does not work anymore) The additional transcriptions/TAB are in the PDF file format and the Drum practice tracks are in MP3 format.

USER REVIEWS (from the DVD version, which has the exactly same content/look and interface)

Mike A
Just received my copy today , wow out of all the books and CD's I have bought over the past year this is the best ! Very easy to follow , Im a beginner with 1 year practicing bass its very exciting playing along to the CD. Even my girlfriend is impressed ! If you dont have this CD then buy it , its money well spent . I have been practicing the part on ch 9/37 for almost 2 hours I love this !

Marlowe, just got the new Beginning slap DVD today.. great stuff so far. Thanks!

I received your DVD yesterday, and it is fantastic! I hope it is only the beginning of a long series of dvds. Beautiful break down , love the LH and RH close-ups! Well done!

Just received your DVD in the mailbox... love it ! my first instructional slap bass method i can really use and learn from! a bargain at $14.99 its could be even $149 thanks marlowDK

Hey MarloweDK, I got your Beginning Slap Bass DVD in the mail and it's made me a better bass player after two days! Now I'll be able to backtrack through your other youtube videos and maybe this time correctly play along! Thanks again.

Hey marlowdk! I got my copy of the dvd just a few days ago and i love´╗┐ it already! Now I can slap pretty decently .. definately its helpful since you have put so many features in it... And the included drumbeats are a nice add too ;)


Price: 9.99 USD

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