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Deployment Plan Templates (3 x MS Word)

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Software Deployment Plan Template

This Deployment Plan template is a ‘how-to’ guide to implement a solution into a live production environment. It provides detailed deployment guidelines and helps drive the deployment phases.

Use this template to:

  • Describe the installation, configuration, operational processes that will be modified as a result of the deployment process.

  • Describe the factors necessary for deployment and transitioning.

  • Identify the individual tasks associated with the installation of equipment/software/hardware etc

  • Work with the Client to finalize the Installation Plan, Training Plan, Communication Plan, Schedule and other deployment documents

  • Verify that equipment and software is installed properly.

Deployment Plan Template

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Deployment Plan Template: Screenshots

Deployment Plan Word Template

Deployment Plan Download Template

Deployment Plan Sample Template

Deployment Plan Example Template

Deployment Plan Schedule Template

Deployment Plan Rollout Template

Download Now for only $9.99

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Deployment Plan Template: Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Objectives
1.3 Scope of Work
1.4 Sites/Seats/Locations
1.5 Assumptions
1.6 Issues
1.7 Constraints
1.8 Dependencies

2 Site Information
2.1 Site Diagram
2.2 System Overview
2.3 Site Preparation
2.4 Site Readiness

3 Roles & Responsibilities
3.1 Project Manager
3.2 System Integrator
3.3 Installation Manager
3.4 Chief Technology Officer
3.5 Hardware Installation Engineer
3.6 Software Support Engineer
3.7 Consultants / Subcontractors / Third Parties
3.8 Points of Contact

4 Schedule
4.1 Resource Allocation Chart

5 Resources
5.1 Facilities
5.2 Hardware
5.3 Software
5.4 Documentation

6 Technical Support
6.1 Help Desk
6.2 Desktop
6.3 Servers
6.4 Network / Voice / Telecommunications

7 Training
7.1 Training
7.1.1 Training Plan
7.1.2 Training Requirements
7.1.3 Audience
7.1.4 End-user Training
7.1.5 Support Staff Training

8 Installation Considerations
8.1 Safety
8.2 Code & Industry Standards
8.3 Installation Planning
8.4 Weather & Productivity
8.5 Installation Site Maintenance
8.6 Installation Records

9 Installation Process
9.1 Preparing
9.1.1 Validation
9.1.2 Scheduling
9.1.3 Reviews
9.1.4 Communication Plan
9.2 Installing
9.2.1 Common Deployment Tasks
9.2.2 Uploading Deployment Files to the Server
9.2.3 Deploying an Application to Servers on the Same Machine
9.2.4 Deploying an Application to Servers on Multiple Machines
9.2.5 Redeploying or Stopping a Deployment
9.2.6 Un-deploying a Deployment Unit
9.2.7 Changing the Order of Deployment
9.2.8 Migrate to New Environment
9.3 Testing
9.3.1 Use Activation
9.4 Site Monitoring
9.4.1 Monitoring for Defects
9.4.2 Sign-off
9.4.3 Customer Satisfaction

10 Transfer to Operations
10.1 Resources
10.2 Procedures
10.3 Expected Areas of Change
10.4 Transition Activities
10.5 Monitoring
10.6 Help Desk
10.7 Notification of Deployment

11 Appendix
11.1 Acronyms and Abbreviations

Deployment Plan Template: Format and Page Count

The template is in Microsoft Word and can be downloaded online.

Deployment Plan Template 28 pages Download Word template

Download Now for only $9.99

This Deployment Template is for a Project Implementation Plan

Price: 9.99 USD

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