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Invitation to Tender (ITT) Template

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Invitation To Tender (ITT) Template

This is a template for an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for the procurement of services. The ITT is an invitation sent to a shortlist of bidders to make a formal and detailed offer to supply the services or goods required. It's also called an RFP.

An Invitation To Tender (ITT) template is a procurement document prepared by agencies who wish to receive tenders from contractors or vendors. An Invitation To Tender (also known as an ITT) generally
 includes a costing, time estimate, and specifications of what’s required from the bidder.

Use this 57-page MS Word template to write concise, effective, and successful Invitation To Tenders. The template pack also includes a free Expression of Interest template, Clarifications to ITT Queries, and Vendor Assessment spreadsheets.

  Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender

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Invitation To Tender Template: Screenshots

You can use this template to show prospective bidders that you're a professional organization which expects their bid to match the high standards you have set.

Invitation To Tender Template

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

You have described your requirements in a clear format that will improve communications between both parties and aid transparency.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

You have committed time and resources into this project and expect bids to reflect this commitment.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

Invitation To Tender Template

Invitation To Tender documents.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

Invitation To Tender Templateand  Invitation To Tender documents.

This template helps you articulate your specification of requirements, the approach to payment (e.g. daily rates and fixed price costs), personnel requirements, and also contains several appendices that will assist you in your procurement process. The template also includes sample formats that can be used by Bidders and Suppliers when preparing their bids.

Download Now for $14.99

Download Invitation To Tender Template

Invitation To Tender Template: Table of Contents

ITTs have a deadline by which all tenders must be made. Tenders are then opened and the company making the offer chooses the best offer. Tender documents can be ‘sealed’ which means that they are private or public. Invitations To Tender are often used in the construction industry, but are also used in contracts for the supply of goods or services.

0. General Information
0.1. Name of Bid
0.2. Query Handling

1.     Executive Summary
1.1.  [Issuer's] Background
1.2.  [Issuer's] Mission Statement
1.3.  [Issuer's] Role
1.4.  [Issuer's] Organization Structure
1.5.  Background & Supporting Information
1.6.  Context
1.7.  Project Constraints and Assumptions
1.8.  Scope of Work
1.9.  Project Start
1.10. Contract Overview
1.11. Prime Contractor Responsibility
1.12. Closing Date
1.13. Evaluation
1.14. Contract Award
1.15. Response to Queries
1.16. Additional Information

2.     Specification of Requirements
2.1.  Objectives
2.2.  Deliverables
2.3.  Project Duration
2.4.  Possible Additional Work
2.5.  Collaboration
2.6.  Resource Requirements
2.7.  Target Groups
2.8.  Mandatory Requirements
2.9.  Desirable Requirements
2.10. Timescales
2.11. Quality Measures
2.12. Effort Required by Issuer during project
2.13.  Sample Requirement - Website Design
2.14.  Sample Requirement - Training
2.15.  Sample Requirement - Documentation
2.16.  Sample Requirement - Maintenance and Support

3.    Schedule of Costs
3.1. Payment Schedule
3.2. Payment Arrangement
3.3. Details Costs
3.4. Fixed Price Costs
3.5. Detailed Costs
3.6. Technical Support Costs
3.7. Further Conditions

4.    Required Format
4.1. Format
4.2. Layout
4.3. Management Summary
4.4. Proposed Solution
4.5. Project Management
4.6. Costs
4.7. Bidder's General Information
4.7.1. Bidder's Profile
4.7.2. Third Party / Consortium Profile
4.7.3. Customer Base
4.7.4. Financial Details
4.7.5. Technical Capability
4.7.6. Quality Certification
4.7.7. Industry Standards
4.7.8. Bidder Qualifications
4.7.9. Relevant Services
4.7.10. Specific Skills and Experience
4.8. Details of Management and Key Personnel
4.9. Number of Proposals
4.10. Reference Projects

5.    Evaluation & Award Criteria
5.1. Qualification Process
5.2. Evaluation Criteria
5.3. Confidentiality of evaluation
5.4. Determination of responsiveness
5.5. Correction of Errors
5.6. Clarification
5.7. Interference
5.8. Award Criteria
5.9. Most Economically Advantageous Proposal
5.10. Bidders Qualifications
5.11. Split contracts
5.12. Conformity to Specification
5.13. Product Liability Insurance
5.14. Estimated Quantities
5.15. Number of Suppliers
5.16. Tax certificates
5.17. Status of Parties
5.18. Contract Performance
5.19. Technical Obsolescence
5.20. Contract Termination
5.21. Request for Additional Information from Bidders
5.22. Cost of preparation
5.23. Acknowledgment of Receipt
5.24. Pre-Bid Conference
5.25. Discussions with Bidders
5.26. Amendments to the Invitation To Tender
5.27. Contractual Terms and Conditions
5.28. Amended
5.29. Bidders Rights to Withdraw Bid
5.30. Termination
5.31. Legal Review
5.32. Contract Deviations
5.33. Subcontractors
5.34. Conflict of Interest
5.35. Governing Law
5.36. Compliance with the Applicable Law
5.37. Presentation
5.38. Additional Costs

6.    Appendix A - Terms and Conditions
6.1. Copyright / Intellectual Property Rights
6.2. Implementation
6.3. Financial Arrangements
6.4. Contract Award / Termination
6.5. Ownership
6.6. Framework of Agreement:
6.7. Site Visits
6.8. Alternative bid
6.9. Price basis
6.10. Validity Period
6.11. European Directive 92/50/EEC
6.12. Subcontracting
6.13. Contract Review
6.14. Indemnities and Sureties
6.15. Freedom of Information

7.    Appendix B - Sample Format of Submission
7.1. Company details
7.2. Type of Company
7.3. Subsidiary Company, Associated Company or Parent Company
7.4. Directors, Partners, and Associates
7.5. Key Personnel
7.6. Financial Information and Bank Details
7.7. Additional Financial Statements
7.8. Bank details
7.9. References
7.10. Proposed Technical Solution

8.  Appendix C - Checklist

9.  Appendix D - Technical Setup

9.1. Internet Service Provider Details
9.2. Website Details
9.3. Network Infrastructure
9.4. Desktop
9.5. Servers
9.6. Protocols
9.7. Applications
9.8. Required Hardware
9.9. Background
9.10. Database Requirements

10. Appendix E - Features and Functionality Checklist

11. Appendix F - Certificate As To Canvassing

12. Appendix G - Contact Details

13. Appendix H - Declaration For Applicants

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Invitation To Tender Template

Invitation To Tender Template: Format & Contents

The template is in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded online for only $9.99. The template pack includes the following documents

Invitation To Tender template 57 pages Download Word template Expression of Interest template 11 pages Download Word template Vendor Assessment  3 x worksheets Download Excel template

Clarification to Vendor Queries

 1 x worksheet Download Excel template

Download Now for $9.99

Download Invitation To Tender Template

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