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Sales of fundraiser 1.0 are comming in every couple of days not huge money but very steady. My initial efforts are paying off. The past few weeks I have concentrated my efforts on putting together my website and bicycle engine co.
I have some special offers for those who join up through me and send me and email. I have been involved in many programs and most just don't pay fundraiser 1.0 isn't one of them. Take the time to visit my website http://greenspinner.com while your there look at my bicycle engines. I have set up a forum that has a thread on fundraiser 1.0 should you have any questions please ask http://forum.greenspinner.com

POSTED ON: February 27, 2008 @ 19:38 GMT -7

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I will do that!

POSTED ON: August 22, 2008 @ 17:16 GMT -7

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