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Can E-Junkie do this?

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Hey gang,

I would like to add a link to our autoresponder email that includes a link to download our product from e-junkie. I'm not interested in the merchant features with e-junkie but I am with the delivery features. I want it to be secure (username and password) and the ability to limit the amount of downloads from each customer. Can I add an e-junkie link in my autoresponder email that does this automatically?

Thanks in advance,

POSTED ON: April 15, 2009 @ 20:05 GMT -7

E-Junkie Crew
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You can configure a download product in your E-junkie Seller Admin with a price of 0.00. Buyers adding that product to their cart would be able to use our Free Checkout option to provide their name and email address before we grant them access to a thank-you page with their download link. All download links we issue are unique to each checkout and only valid for the number of attempts and hours you permit.

To put a link for this product in your autoresponder email, you could simply link to a page on your site where you have the Add to Cart button for the product, or you could extract the URL from our Add to Cart button code and put that in your email directly.

POSTED ON: April 16, 2009 @ 18:36 GMT -7

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