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Wish List: Put Products Into Groups

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Am I the only one who wants something like this? The ability to put products into groups and then view sales stats by group, rather than by each individual item would save me dozens of hours of work.

POSTED ON: October 25, 2009 @ 11:59 GMT -7

E-Junkie Crew
Posts: 850

I will forward your suggest to our development team.

POSTED ON: October 27, 2009 @ 10:45 GMT -7

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I second that

POSTED ON: October 28, 2009 @ 15:21 GMT -7

E-Junkie Crew
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It's on Development's wishlist for now. Formal announcement of any new features going live would be posted to our Service Status and Updates forum here:
...and if you're into RSS, we have a feed of updates to that forum available for your RSS reader here:

POSTED ON: October 28, 2009 @ 18:07 GMT -7

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