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Need some help setting up flat rate shipping + per item charge

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We are just finishing up with building our new E-Junkie shopping cart, and could use a bit of assistance in getting to the scenario we have in mind.

The background is that we are an independent publisher with two children's books that we are selling. We would like to offer flat rate shipping plus a per book charge, as follows, to US addresses only, using USPS:

Standard Shipping: $2.95
Priority Shipping: $4.95
Per Book Charge: $2.00

This way, if a person orders one book, with the standard rate, it will cost $4.95. If they order two books at the standard rate, it would be just $2.00 more, or $6.95. If they order one book with priority shipping, it would be $6.95. If they add an additional book, it would cost $8.95.

If they order one of each book with standard shipping, it should cost $6.95.

Can you please help?

POSTED ON: December 23, 2009 @ 09:17 GMT -7

E-Junkie Crew
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Go to Seller Admin > Cart Shipping Settings:
- Shipping Origin: select United States and enter your ZIP code;
- Shipping Destinations: select United States (if you will only ship to the US);
- Pick a Packaging Type (say, Regular Box) and give it a Cost of 2.00;
- Click Next to save settings and continue to the Shipping Rules screen.

On the Shipping Rules screen:
- Existing Shipping Rules: select and Delete any existing rules you may have, to start with a "clean slate";
- Add a Shipping Rule for Standard:
-- Shipping Rate Calculator: Flat;
-- Flat Shipping Amount: 2.95;
-- Shipping Method Description: Standard Shipping;
-- Country: United States;
-- Click Submit to save the Rule.
- Add a Shipping Rule for Priority:
-- Shipping Rate Calculator: Flat;
-- Flat Shipping Amount: 4.95;
-- Shipping Method Description: Priority Shipping;
-- Country: United States;
-- Click Submit to save the Rule.

In the settings of each individual product:
- Enable Shipping/Buyer's Address on the first screen of settings;
- Click Next until you reach the product's Shipping Options screen;
- Weight: 0
- Packaging Type: select the same Package Type you'd given a Cost of 2.00 above (e.g. Regular Box);
- Packaging Capacity: 1;
- Click Next until you can Submit changes;
- Repeat for your other shippable products.

POSTED ON: December 23, 2009 @ 18:21 GMT -7
MODIFIED ON: December 23, 2009 @ 18:25 GMT -7

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