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- Shipping Destinations: select United States (if you will only ship to the US);
- Pick a Packaging Type (say, Regular Box) and give it a Cost of 2.00;
- Click Next to save settings and continue to the Shipping Rules screen.

On the Shipping Rules screen:
- Existing Shipping Rules: select and Delete any existing rules you may have, to start with a "clean slate";
- Add a Shipping Rule for Standard:
-- Shipping Rate Calculator: Flat;
-- Flat Shipping Amount: 2.95;
-- Shipping Method Description: Standard Shipping;
-- Country: United States;
-- Click Submit to save the Rule.
- Add a Shipping Rule for Priority:
-- Shipping Rate Calculator: Flat;
-- Flat Shipping Amount: 4.95;
-- Shipping Method Description: Priority Shipping;
-- Country: United States;
-- Click Submit to save the Rule.

In the settings of each individual product:
- Enable Shipping/Buyer's Address on the first screen of settings;
- Click Next until you reach the product's Shipping Options screen;
- Weight: 0
- Packaging Type: select the same Package Type you'd given a Cost of 2.00 above (e.g. Regular Box);
- Packaging Capacity: 1;
- Click Next until you can Submit changes;
- Repeat for your other shippable products.]]>
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Post #1 http://www.e-junkie.com/bb/topic/3972/pg/0#post12689 http://www.e-junkie.com/bb/topic/3972/pg/0#post12689 Wed, 23 Dec 2009 16:17:37 GMT
The background is that we are an independent publisher with two children's books that we are selling. We would like to offer flat rate shipping plus a per book charge, as follows, to US addresses only, using USPS:

Standard Shipping: $2.95
Priority Shipping: $4.95
Per Book Charge: $2.00

This way, if a person orders one book, with the standard rate, it will cost $4.95. If they order two books at the standard rate, it would be just $2.00 more, or $6.95. If they order one book with priority shipping, it would be $6.95. If they add an additional book, it would cost $8.95.

If they order one of each book with standard shipping, it should cost $6.95.

Can you please help?]]>
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