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Integrating with PayPal is simple, all you need to do on E-junkie's side is, after you have an account, go to Seller Admin>Edit Profile. On the right side you will have a field to type in your PayPal account e-mail address. Then click Submit, this will take you back to the seller Admin page. Now click on the option Edit Payment Preferences, also on the right side. Here you will want to verify that there is a check mark in the box for PayPal Standard. And then once again click Submit.

There is not set subscription plan you will need for either of the above. You will need to get a subscription plan that gives you enough room for the number of products you want to sell and room for any digital downloads you plan to have available for purchase, this would not include images or data you e-mail to your buyers after they pay and send you the data you mentioned needing for your products. Here is a link to our pricing page:

As for integrating with Wufoo. If you are able to collect the data you need with our options you may not need to worry about setting up to use Wufoo to collect data from your buyers, depending on your needs. If you do need to use Wufoo, then you will need to add the page with their form/survey either before the buyer will click on the E-junkie cart button or after. If you place form/survey before the payment page, and it creates a user ID or any unique ID, then that can be added to your order data, through our button customization so you have a number to connect the information at Wufoo with the information in your E-junkie account. Here is a link to our button customization help page:
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Post #1 http://www.e-junkie.com/bb/topic/4514/pg/0#post14926 http://www.e-junkie.com/bb/topic/4514/pg/0#post14926 Sat, 17 Jul 2010 02:57:43 GMT
I am a newbie- no coding skills of any kind- this is my first site for selling digital downloads. I am building a website with Wix and plan to sell digital graphics in the form of CUSTOM MADE, UNIQUE DESKTOP WALLPAPERS and DIGITAL PORTRAITS specific to each client- PNGS, JPEGS. I also plan to offer astrology and tarot readings in the form of PDFs, RTFs. I have a PAYPAL business account.

I will need to gather information from my clients for their astrology readings like BIRTH DATE, TIME, PLACE. I dont yet have an ejunkie account but plan to very soon.

QUESTION 1 What is the best way to gather the information I need from my clients? What is the best ejunkie pricing plan that will allow me to gather this information for each client? OR do I somehow gather this information using WUFOO and/or PAYPAL?

QUESTION 2 What is the best way for me to gather information for clients portraits- like their favorite color, nickname etc- I may need to be able to vary the information I need from each client depending on what kind of portrait or desktop they order. Once again, I am unsure of which vehicle EJUNKIE, WUFOO or PAYPAL is best.

I have most of my content and structure of my website with wix built (not published yet) and am ready to integrate ejunkie as I build it. I need to know how or where to put the "add to cart" buttons and how to integrate paypal, ejunkie and wufoo altogether.

QUESTION 3 I guess I need to know what is the best ejunkie price plan for my needs and how to integrate all this as I'm building my wix site. Kinda dont know where to begin first...

I appreciate ANY and all suggestions and even referrals to other forums or resources if I am asking questions inappropriate for this forum.

Thanks for listening and I look forward to joining ejunkie]]>
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