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Etape 2012 - Roads to Glory - Acte 1, Alps [HD]

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Inspirational Cycle Guide and Route Recon designed for indoor training.

The Ride Recon follows the 2012 L'Etape du Tour Route Acte 1: Albertville - La Toussuire, 140km featuring
Col de la Madeleine, Cold du Glandon, Col du Croix de Fer, Col du Mollard, La Toussuire

Bring a little piece of mountain harmony to your home, and build your winter fitness at the same time with this 65 minute indoor training and route recon guide.

Join rider, writer and marketeer, Mike Cotty, in this inspiring journey as you tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding climbs and descents in the world. Designed to keep you motivated through the colder months, each climb is broken up into a series of 5-15 minute intervals with gentle recovery periods that provide a chance to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery.

With valuable advice on riding techniques, clothing, nutrition, training and preparation an enjoyable summer always follows a good winter. The only question is, will you reach the summit first?

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