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E-junkie is operated by a team of web developers, technicians and a Linux guru located in downtown Tucson, Arizona and by a management and sales team located at its New Delhi HQ. We all have one thing in common: we love e-commerce (among other wonders of the Internet). Come to think of it, we all love math as well.

E-junkie is a distributed application running on CentOS servers colocated in a high-security datacenter in Tucson. We have RAID drives and offsite backups to ensure high availability of your data, and a cross-redundant hardware architecture to ensure that our system cannot go down due to a failure in any single piece of equipment.

To put it in simple words, our servers (cornerstone of YOUR online business) are mean and strong machines connected to the Internet with big, fat pipes to move data through.

Name & Logo

The term "junkie" has come to mean a person dedicated to something they find so good and compelling that it resembles a sort of addiction (e.g. NPR's Political Junkie). The name "E-junkie" is a contraction of "Electronic Junkie" representing our devotion to modern forms of electronic media and communication. If we were founded after the iPod became popular, we might have gone with iJunkie.

The mascot in our logo represents a guardian spirit or golem, an ancient concept in many cultures referring to a being which gives insight, inspiration and protection, an invisible servant which looks out for your best interests and does your bidding. Since E-junkie automates many aspects of your online business, it seemed like a good concept to base our logo on. Oh, and the mean look it has... well, we thought it just looks cool, that's all. :^)


E-junkie started as a script I wrote for myself when I was selling a $4 software in the year 2003. I did not want to wake up in the middle of the night to check my e-mail and send it out using my dial-up connection. The script worked great and did all my work. Soon, a couple of my friends started using it and I kept modifying the script to suit their needs. It was a fun project to begin with, a labor of love kind of thing.

Things started to get out of hand as a couple of friends told a couple others and soon there were hundreds of people using the system. E-junkie went from a script, to a small site on a shared server, to a distributed application spanning multiple servers. It evolved from one guy's hobby to a full time service managed by a small team of developers who are in love with e-commerce. I am thankful to those who inspired me to build E-junkie and I am thankful to those who use E-junkie. With your support we can keep on improving it every day.

Robin K

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