Sell with Braintree

E-junkie provides Shopping Cart and Buy Now buttons for selling downloads and tangible goods with Braintree

Braintree is a full-stack card-payments platform that replaces the traditional model of sourcing a Payment Gateway and Merchant Account from different providers, sparing you the costs, hassles and limitations of that approach. Buyers worldwide can simply pay you directly with any major card type, without requiring them to register for a Braintree account. Braintree would normally deposit checkout payment funds (less their transaction fee) to your regular bank account; however, if you already have (or would prefer) a traditional Merchant Account at your bank, Braintree can also integrate with that for a flat monthly fee and reduced transaction fees. The new Braintree Auth integration method we use is currently only available for merchants based in the United States.

Shopping Cart Button Demo Cart buttons support all our features and display the buyer's shopping cart as an overlay "inside" your own page, fitting within your site's existing layout and branding.
  • Digital Products: Demo tracks from the album Night Train
    • Demo Track 1 - Angel ($0.01)
    • Demo Track 2 - Just too much ($0.01)
  • Tangible Product: E-junkie Music Button
    • E-junkie Music Button ($0.99)

      Use discount code "NICE" for a 25 cent discount.

    AZ buyers will be charged 8% sales tax
    EU buyers will be charged VAT

Buy Now Button Demo Buy Now buttons bypass the cart to take buyers directly to instant checkout for just one item at a time.
  • Buy our Sample 1 Cent Product

Here's how to put Braintree and E-junkie to work for your business

  1. Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin:
    • Click Edit Profile;
    • Under the section Accept Credit Cards, select Braintree;
    • Below that, the Braintree Status section will appear;
    • Click the Connect With Braintree button you should find there.
      (Note: if you only see the ••• waiting indicator here, disable your browser's ad-blocker)
  2. That will take you to Braintree account registration:
    • Register for a new Braintree account;
    • ...or just click Log In if you already have a Braintree account;
    • Once you log in or complete your registration, click the final Agree & Return to E-junkie button.
  3. That will take you back to your E-junkie Profile:
    • You will find your Braintree Merchant ID automatically filled in;
    • Click Submit to apply changes;
    • Click Add new product to add your product in E-junkie and copy the button code we provide to paste into your Web site;
    • If you already have E-junkie Cart buttons in your site, they should automatically pick up your new card-based checkout method using Braintree.

NOTE: You can combine Braintree with our PayPal Payments Standard  integration to offer buyers a choice of payment methods; however, you would not be able to use the PayPal integration at Braintree's end. Furthermore, because you can only use one Payment Gateway solution to accept card-based direct payments, Braintree cannot be combined with PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payflow Pro, Authorize.Net, or 2Checkout in our system.

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