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Sell Digital Goods with ClickBank

E-junkie automates the secure delivery of digital goods you are selling with ClickBank.


  • You can only use E-junkie to sell products with ClickBank that you have already set up and approved in ClickBank using a Thank-you/download page on your own site;
  • You can only use our Buy Now buttons for ClickBank payments; ClickBank is not available as a checkout option in our shopping cart and cannot use our Discounts feature nor other cart-dependent features that do not work with Buy Now buttons;
  • ClickBank checkout payments are not possible with E-junkie Affiliate system Direct Links; however, our Affiliate system's Hop Links will still work fine with ClickBank checkouts using our Buy Now buttons for ClickBank;
  • If you are using ClickBank for their affiliate system, you would ONLY want to accept checkout payments through ClickBank for your E-junkie products. Buyers who checkout using PayPal or other methods would not earn your ClickBank affiliates any commission for their referral, and ClickBank can offer a PayPal payment option during their own checkout process anyway. You can disable PayPal checkouts at our end by going to Seller Admin > Payment Preferences, where you should make sure both PayPal Payments Standard and PayPal Payments Pro are UN-checked;
  • If you want to test your ClickBank setup with E-junkie, you must do so with real, live checkout payments (our system does not support the sandbox/demo/test mode of any payment processors).
Buy Now Button Demo Buy Now buttons bypass the cart to take buyers directly to instant checkout for just one item at a time.
**DISABLED: Demo sales not supported with ClickBank**
  • Buy our "Guide to Selling Downloads" eBook with ClickBank

Here's how to put E-junkie and ClickBank to work for your business

Link your E-junkie and ClickBank accounts

You only need to do this once:

  1. Log into your ClickBank account:
    1. Go to Account Settings > My Site;
    2. Enter random numbers and CAPITAL letters in the Secret Key field and copy them.
  2. Log into your E-junkie account:
    1. In Seller Admin > Profile, please specify your ClickBank Vendor ID and the Secret Key in space provided;
    2. Click Submit to apply changes and return to Seller Admin;
    3. In Seller Admin > Account Preferences > Common Thank-you Page HTML, you can specify custom text or HTML that we should add to all your E-junkie-generated thank-you pages -- e.g., to satisfy ClickBank's thank-you page requirements.

Link your E-junkie and ClickBank products

Do this for each product you wish to sell with ClickBank and deliver securely with E-junkie:

  1. Log into your ClickBank account:
    1. Go to Account Settings > My Products;
    2. Edit your existing ClickBank product and do the following:
      • Note down your item number and price;
      • Change the Thank You Page to:
        (Note: ClickBank must previously have approved your product at their end with a temporary thank-you/download page on your site!)
  2. Log into your E-junkie account:
    1. Go to Seller Admin > Add product (or View/Edit/Delete Products to modify an existing product), enter the price you noted from your ClickBank product settings, and select USD as currency;
    2. If modifying an existing download product, click Upload Product File here to provide the file that we should deliver to buyers (this button appears later when first adding a new product);
    3. Click More Options (or Next for an existing product) and enter ClickBank Item ID in the space provided;
    4. Click Next till you can Submit settings to reach the button code screen;
    5. If adding a new download product, click Upload Product File here to provide the file that we should deliver to buyers (you can also edit the product later to upload/replace the file);
    6. Select the BUY NOW button tab and select ClickBank;
    7. Copy the button code and paste it into your page wherever you want the button to appear among your own layout, text and images.
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