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Some Nice Words About Us

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  • "E-Junkie is a world-class solution for sales of digital content. With support for all of PayPal's 16 currencies and integration with PayPal's Express Checkout, businesses can offer customers from around the globe the ultimate buying experience. E-Junkie's rich feature list makes it an easy service to recommend for anyone who wants to open their business to PayPal's over 120 million account holders."
    Damon Williams,
    PayPal Developer Program
    Author, Pro PayPal E-Commerce

  • "E-junkie is a life saver for anyone that sells electronic goods through PayPal. It's secure, easy to use, and comes with top-notch technical support. I was up and running within minutes, and couldn't be happier with their friendly service and affordable price."
    - Todd Dominey, SlideShowPro

  • "I have just subscribed to your service. It's absolutly fantastic. It's a long time since I have used a site that is so user friendly. Your help and faq pages are excellent and I was able to find everything that I needed. Congratulations on creating such a fantastic site and service - you deserve every success. I can appreciate how much work you must have put into it."
    - Alan Twigg, Playtime-Books

  • "I wanted to write to thank you. Your service had me up and running in mere minutes, which was a great improvement from the headaches other systems had given me. It is both inexpensive and provides an optimal experience for my customers. I especially appreciate your email templating and redirection capabilities. You will have business from me for as long as I have a business to have business from."
    - Patrick McKenzie, Bingo Card Creator

  • "E-junkie made it super-easy to set up an online store for my fonts without having to worry about manually delivering files. It integrated seamlessly with both my site and my paypal account. Highly recommended."
    - Kemie, Pixilate

  • "Your service have made our business way easier. Since we started to use it, our sales have increased as the customers don't have to wait for us to send the download information manually."
    - Joakim, Bombia Design

  • "Ejunkie made it quick and painless for IconBuffet to offer its digital icon collections as a secure download. It saved us a lot of time and expense, allowing us to launch our website quickly without the hassle of creating our own secure shopping cart from scratch"
    - Josh, IconBuffet

  • "I've been using your service for a few months, and I've gotta say, you guys get the job done easily. Virtually no effort on my end to keep my transactions fast and easy. I just wanted to express my thanks for your service, I wouldn't be able to distribute my music as easily without it. You are all doing a really great job!"
    - Grayson Millar

  • "I spent a few weeks online looking at different providers of ebook delivery, and found E-junkie far ahead of the pack in terms of affordability, ease of use, and service. I don't know what I'd do without their excellent service!"
    - Wholesale Information Resources

  • "I just wanted to say WOW and thank you so much. I have spent literally hours emailing my posters to people, dealing with bouncing emails and oversuffed inboxes. Your service is amazing! I have only just started sending files through your site and have yet to upload my actual website (that pleasure is lined up for Sunday!) but the response from buyers has been great! Thank you so much for giving me some of my time back!"
    - Joanne, Instant Display Teaching Resources

  • "Selling with e-junkie is the way to go. If you're selling software online I would highly recommend e-junkie. Their service is very easy to set up and modify, and you can't beat their pricing. Plus their customer service is the best I've come across, which is kind of rare for online support where emails usually go unanswered."
    - Jeff, CyraKnow

  • "One of the reasons I chose your company over another one recommended by PayPal is your fun, friendly website. I would like the ability to call, but your promptness in responding to email, does give a comfort level. I did like being able to do a demo-download. Very nice feature. Thanks again!"
    - Susan, Designs to Doodads

  • "All I have to say is this service is to good to be true. Thanks."
    - Allen Brown, CEO, Rocbeats

  • "As for subscribing to your service, it has been nothing short of a pleasure. It is great to know the website is constantly evolving, and in the best way, based on feedback from its subscribers. It was a wonderful surprise after having made an offhand suggestion for an improvement to the service to see it adopted and implemented on the website within a week! It is particularly refreshing that even as a relatively "small fish" in the massive pond of e-commerce I still feel a totally valued customer. It's also very reassuring to know that real people actually care about my account, I don't feel like I'm communicating with a computer!
    As for the actual nuts and bolts of the service, the downloads, it works like a charm and generally the product has been dispatched and downloaded before the text message gets to my phone to tell me I've even made a sale! I am a busy teacher and sell to busy teachers so the instant download is a real selling point. They can buy today and be using the resources in their classroom tomorrow; I can provide a great product and a great service without having to be a slave to my computer. You are responsive, helpful and pleasant to deal with on all levels, thanks so much."
    - Hannah, Fab teaching resources

  • "What a fantastic service you have! We've been with you now for a mere two months, and after setting up the service - with lots of help from you - we have notched up over a thousand dollars in sales!"
    - Norm

  • "Never before have I found a more simple or inexpensive solution to download management. Thank you for the excellent service and support!"
    - Sean M

  • "Now that I've been with you guys for over a month, I'd like to let you know that I am delighted with your service. I was looking for a simple way to allow my customers to download my dinghy plans and I found it with E-JUNKIE. I particularly like the options, such as free samples and discounted codes. What impressed me most was the almost instant feedback when I had a problem. You certainly understand E-Commerce! I would gladly recommend your excellent service to anyone. After the problems I had with one of your competitors you have completely restored my faith in automated download systems. Thank you so very much."
    - Benjy, Folding Dinghy Plans

    "After more than a year with E Junkies I can only say that I have been extremely happy with their service. No hassle at all. My products are easy to upload or edit. The service is extremely good value especially when you consider than any minor issues are quickly dealt with by knowledgeable and competent staff. Basically their system just works and it works flawlessly. If you are considering a company to manage your downloads, look no further. I know all this sounds too good to be true but it really is. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending E Junkies to anyone."
    - Benjy, Folding Dinghy Plans

  • "After my first few months with E-Junkie, I'm convinced that you've truly been the 'difference maker' in the success of my on-line startup venture because you've allowed me to focus on growing my business, not the time-consuming and complicated logistics of product delivery."
    - Andrew, Baby Sleep Sound

  • "The service E-junkie provides enable me to deliver stock icon purchases from N.Design Studio to my clients in a timely and secured manner. Since everything is automatic, I don't have to manage my sales and deliver products manually."
    - Nick La, N.Design Studio

  • "This is a great service and I am highly impressed. I used to sell my electronic products from my own web store but I had to deal with processing payments, emailing zip files, etc. Now, I don't have to do anything but keep my scripts up to date and receive money."
    - Will Tremaine, MaineNet Enterprises

  • "Our company sells city audioguides in 4 languages to international clients. After a long search we are extremely happy to have found e-junkie. Its intuitive user interface and the high flexibility to customize communication with the clients in various languages have fully automatised the order and download process, and we can focus on marketing and product development. Merci, grazie, danke and thank you!"
    - Torsten Peters, iAudioguide

  • "I am 2 days into my free trial with E-Junkie and I just had to write and tell you how pleased I am with your service! Before finding E-Junkie, I wrestled in vain with 3 separate shopping cart systems. I was ready to give up when I stumbled across E-Junkie. Within MINUTES I was up and running and accepting orders. I'm thrilled by how simple your system is to use, even for non-techie types like myself. You can bet I'll be making my account official well before my trial expires. Thank you for making e-business soooooo simple!"
    - Wendy Betterini, PersonalDevelopmentPLR

  • "I just wanted to say thanks to everyone at E-junkie. Last year, I got in a huge bind with a previous digital download service, and you guys bailed me out by giving me a free year's worth of service. That free year is coming to an end soon, and I'm glad, because yours is one of the few services I will pay for happily each month. I've had minimal problems (and prompt resolution on your end), virtually no customer complaints, and I just resolved a PayPal dispute in less than 20 minutes because your documentation of each transaction is so complete. Occasionally, I contemplate moving my business into a fully featured shopping cart system, and managing all the download stuff myself--but honestly, there's no way I could ever provide my customers service that's as reliable as yours. Thanks, folks. I really appreciate not having to worry about this part of my business."
    - Lisa Vollrath, Head Squirrel Juggler, Ten Two Studios

  • "It's pretty amazing how well-thought is your web UI, options, and workflow that they allow complete account setup with a couple of products, multiple discount options and two payment portals in less than an hour (you can quote me on that)."
    - Leonid Kitainik, Ritescript

  • "Working with e-junkie has been a dream. Prior to signing up with e-junkie, we had to process our credit repair software downloads manually (which was a 24/7 nightmare). We set up the e-junkie cart in less than an hour and it was life-changing. Since then, our sales have improved dramatically. The experience is wonderful for our customers and for us. The back-end is very easy to navigate and work with. Most of all, we are extremely impressed with the e-junkie team and how far they go to help us when we need it most. They go above and beyond. We are their biggest fans. This is a first class product and an excellent value."
    - Daniel Rosen, Credit Aid Credit Repair Software

  • "E-Junkie has been amazing for our rapidly growing business. The shopping cart seamlessly integrates with our third-party software and we have been able to increase our conversion rate by 85% using some of E-Junkie's cart and other unique features. And of course, the pricing is unbelievable. We expect to use E-Junkie as our primary shopping cart for years to come. Our business wouldn't be the same without it."
    - Josh G, CEO of HedgeFundJobList

  • "E-Junkie, c'est ma tranquillité d'esprit, toujours présents pour répondre à mes questions et mettre en forme mes idées, même les plus étranges. Je les adore."
    - Marianne Dissard

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