E-junkie FAQ

What file types are eligible for ebook VAT rates?

These are the filename extensions we will be treating as "ebooks" wherever the buyer's location has a special VAT rate for ebooks; these include common e-reader file types as well as primarily-text formats not typically intended to be user-editable:

.mobi, .prc, // Mobipocket
.azw, .azw3, .kf8, // Amazon Kindle
.pdb, // eReader / Palm Media OR Plucker
.lit, // MS Reader
.lrf, .lrx, // Broadband eBooks (BBeB) / Sony media
.cbr, .cbz, .cb7, .cbt, .cba, // Comic Book Archive / compressed images
.chm, // Microsoft Compiled HTML (usually help)
.djvu, // Deja Vu / compressed images
.fb2, // FictionBook
.xeb, .ceb, // Founder Electronics / Apabi Reader (Chinese)
.ibooks, // Apple iBook
.opf, // Open Electronic Package / Open eBook
.pdg, // SSReader (Chinese)
.tr2, .tr3, // TomeRaider
.xps, .oxps, // Open XML Paper

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