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Features and Benefits

E-junkie provides you copy-paste buy now buttons and shopping cart to let you sell digital and tangible products. We take care of interfacing with the payment processor you want and we also do secure and automatic delivery for your digital products.

With E-junkie you can centrally manage your products from our admin panel while selling your products on multiple places (your website, your blog, MySpace, Craigslist, eBay etc.) at the same time.

This page describes what all you can do with E-junkie.

Easy to use, centrally-managed service

Single-point management for all of your online products and orders:

Sell products on your website, blog, newsletters, eBay, your MySpace page or any other website.

Any digital or tangible product you add in your E-junkie admin can be sold on your website, your blog, eBay, your MySpace profile, newsletter or any website at the same time. You just need to copy your CART or BUY NOW button codes (which you get from E-junkie Seller Admin) to paste into the website.

Click here for details.

Click here for details about selling on eBay.

No installation required:

There is no software you would need to install anywhere in order to use E-junkie.

As easy as 1-2-3. No programming needed!

The only things you need to know to use our service is the name and price of your products. If you are using E-junkie buttons to sell from your own Web site, then a basic familiarity with HTML would be helpful as well.

Digital storage & delivery for files & codes

Instant and secure product delivery:

If you are selling digital items, buyer is redirected to the instant download of your product after a successful payment. Buyer is also sent the download link(s) in the "thank you" e-mail customizable by you. These are secure links which expire after the maximum number of download attempts and hours you allow for the product.

Store your files securely on our server, or store them remotely on your own server:

Either way, our system automatically issues each buyer their own unique, secure and expirable download link to obtain an exact copy of your file after their payment is confirmed as complete.

Works with stored pin codes as well as generated pin/registration codes:

If you are selling phone cards or anything else which required stored codes, you can simply enter the codes while adding or editing your product and we will pick the codes from that list and send to the buyer. If you are selling a software or anything else need the registration code to be generated based on user data, we can call a script on your server with the user data and use the code generated by it. Click here for details.

You can choose to redirect buyer to your own site after sale:

You can choose to redirect the buyer to your site after sale. It can be a simple redirect or a complex one where you receive sale data too. Click here for details.

Send out free expirable download links:

You can also use E-junkie to send free copies of your product to reviewers, friends or maybe just to yourself to test things.

PDF Stamping for E-book security:

Each buyer's copy of your PDF eBook file can be stamped with their name, email address and unique transaction ID, which discourages sharing and allows you to identify who shared your file if you do happen to find a copy out "in the wild" somewhere.

Multiple payment choices for buyers

E-junkie Cart allows buyers to choose among PayPal Payments Standard, TrialPay, or card-based payment handled by PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro, 2CheckOut or Authorize.Net for their checkout.
E-junkie provides BUY NOW buttons for PayPal Payments Standard, Authorize.Net, 2CheckOut and ClickBank.

Copy-paste button codes for our popup-free, installation-free shopping cart & Buy Now buttons

If you are selling single items, just copy-paste our BUY NOW buttons in your site.
Support for name-your-price variable pricing, free checkouts, and donations.
Selling multiple items? Our shopping cart works INSIDE your site:

E-junkie's shopping cart buttons display the shopping cart "inside" your own Web pages; your buyers don't have to deal with annoying pop-ups. The smooth experience for buyers certainly means much better conversion rates for you. You don't have to install anything, just copy the button codes we provide, paste those codes into your own Web page(s), and you are done!

Our cart has a built-in shipping, sales tax and VAT calculator. Together with E-junkie's inventory management features, you can use it to sell virtually anything. The cart works with PayPal Payments Standard, PayPal Payments Advanced, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Pro2CheckOut, TrialPay, and Authorize.Net. If you accept payment by more than one of these methods, each buyer can choose which checkout method they prefer.

Click here for details and demo.

Supports variants for tangible products

E-junkie lets you add options like size, color etc. to your products:

While adding or editing a product you can specify the options you want the buyers to enter or choose which tell you more about your product. This really comes in handy if you are selling apparel. If you want, you can even maintain a different price, stock and SKU for each of these items. Click here for details.

Shipping & packaging calculation

Calculate Shipping & Packaging automatically:

E-junkie cart supports a variety of shipping calculation methods, including live rate lookups with or, flat rates per order or per item, or custom rates per ounce or gram. Packaging calculation can factor into your shipping charges the weight and cost of packing materials and determine "combined" packaging required for shipping each order (e.g., it knows that 3 posters go in 1 tube rather than 3, and that 1 small and 1 large poster can go together in 1 big tube rather than 1 big and 1 small tube).

Click here for details.

Sales tax & VAT calculation

Calculate sales tax & VAT automatically:

E-junkie cart charges sales tax by matching buyer location based on region rules specified by you. If you enable VAT, the prevailing rate will be charged to E.U. buyers based on their location and yours. Click here for details.

Packaged products

Package Deals:

Need to sell individual files (like MP3 tracks) as well as a group of files together (like a complete album) OR need to offer a discounted combo deal? Take advantage of our packaged product feature. Click here for details.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory automatically:

You can set the quantity and a date-time limit for any product you are selling. This is a great feature for selling tangible goods, phone card codes, event tickets or limited circulation articles. Click here for details.

Product promotion

List & promote your products in E-junkie Marketplace, Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping, Google SiteMaps & other feeds. Click here for details.

Discount codes

Item-level discounts codes:

You can create flat price discount codes for each product. Click here for details.

Order-level discounts codes:

You can create percentage discount codes based on order total, quantity or shipping amount of the complete order. Click here for details.

Affiliate management

Create & manage affiliate program for all your products:

E-junkie provides you a URL where your affiliates can sign-up and receive buttons for direct payment or indirect payment (which link to your site). You get absolute control over affiliate percentage and the kind of buttons you want to provide and also whether or not you want to make the affiliate program public on E-junkie site. Click here for details.

Autoresponder, updates & newsletters


For each product, you can configure an email with a thank you note, instructions and anything else you want. Click here for details.

Send updates & newsletters:

Send updates and newsletters to any buyer group. Buyers are automatically placed in the group of the product they have purchased and you can also manually add other people to buyer groups. Click here for details.

Sales tracking, built in support for Google Analytics

Built-in support for Google Analytics:

E-junkie cart buttons are pre-integrated with Google Analytics to track conversions, clicks, goals etc. All you need to do is to place the code Google Analytics provides you on the page where you are using E-junkie buttons. Click here for details.

Supports Google AdWords tracking, Yahoo Overture, MSN Adcenter, AdBrite & other tracking programs as well:

If you are using any tracking program to track the effectiveness of your campaign or anything else, then you just have to copy paste the tracking code you get from your provider in your E-junkie Thank-You Page. Click here for details.


Customize your Thank-you Page:

You can customize each product to have it's custom HTML/JavaScript/CSS shown on the Thank-you Page. Also, in E-junkie Admin > Preferences, you can add custom HTML/JavaScript/CSS for the whole "thank you" page as well. Click here for details.

Customize your Thank-you Email:

For each product you can customize the "thank you" e-mail completely to include instructions, thank you note or anything else you want. Click here for details.

Show your logo instead of your name:

You can upload your logo from E-junkie Admin > Profile to display it on your Thank-you Page and checkout page (for the payment processors which support it). Our logos are served using SSL and do no generate a warning on the payment processors pages, unlike images hosted without SSL.This feature is only available to our resellers.

Download link renewals

Renew expired links for digital products:

Easily renew the expired links for buyers who lose the product and need access to it again.

Easy integration with 3rd party & custom services

Name-Value POST:

If you need to integrate E-junkie with custom functions of your site, you can enter a URL for each product where E-junkie will send all the order data. This is a very open interface for you to build anything you want to build on top of our service. Click here for details.

Redirect on order or product level along with buyer data:

You can change your account preferences to redirect the buyer to your own "thank you" page URL rather than to your "thank you" page on E-junkie site. In this case, you will get all the payment data that the payment processor posts to the "thank you" page.

You can specify redirection URL for each product as well and E-junkie will redirect the buyer to that URL along with relevant order information.

Click here for details.

Logs & e-mail notifications

View & download your transactions log anytime:

View detail of each transaction and downloads (if applicable) from E-junkie admin anytime.

Instant notification:

In addition to the notification you will get from your payment processor, E-junkie will also send you a notification e-mail for for each sale. You can choose to disable this anytime from E-junkie Admin > Preferences.

You can also configure your products to receive a copy of the "thank you" e-mail E-junkie sends to your buyer for that product.


Works with multiple currencies:

Accepts all currencies you can accept with PayPal or 2Checkout.

Supports non Latin scripts:

You can use non-Latin scripts in product name, thank you email and thank you page.


E-junkie uses SPF, Yahoo DomainKeys, & is whitelisted by AOL for the best possible email delivery rate.
E-junkie is certified by PayPal and 2CheckOut.
E-junkie is secured by GeoTrust.

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