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Using E-junkie with PayPal's shopping cart system


You DO NOT need to use our "PayPal Cart" button codes merely to accept PayPal checkout payments.

We recommend using the standard E-junkie cart button codes, which will show buyers a PayPal checkout button in their E-junkie cart and provide full support for our other cart-based features.

Due to changes at PayPal's end which we have been unable to work around, our PayPal Cart button codes no longer work correctly in all aspects and will be removed from the next version of our Seller Admin. We are recommending that all sellers still using our legacy PayPal Cart button codes should replace them with standard E-junkie Cart button codes as soon as practical.

We offer a PayPal Shopping Cart version of button codes as a courtesy to Sellers who may wish to use the entire shopping cart solution that PayPal operates, instead of using our standard E-junkie Shopping Cart solution with its built-in PayPal checkout option. Perhaps you already have some complex settings or feature configuration in your PayPal account that would only apply to PayPal's own cart, so you could keep using PayPal's cart service while using E-junkie Seller Admin as an easy front-end to configure and manage your product settings, along with E-junkie's post-checkout transaction processing features.

This type of button codes cannot use any E-junkie Cart-based settings (our Cart Shipping, Tax, Discounts settings); you would instead need to use the equivalent settings (if available) that PayPal Payments Pro for their own cart. PayPal Cart buttons are not available for products configured with Variants/Variations or Let buyer edit price. Of course, products added to a PayPal cart cannot be ordered together with products added to an E-junkie Cart, so you would want your site's cart buttons to be either all-PayPal cart buttons or all-E-junkie Cart buttons (rather than any mixture of both types).

To get this version of purchase button codes, click the PayPal Shopping Cart Buttons tab on the Get Button Codes screen for each product you want to sell using PayPal's own shopping cart.

This page added by E-junkieGuru on December 11th, 2008 @ 7:02 pm GMT -7
Updated by E-junkieGuru on January 17th, 2011 @ 6:02 pm GMT -7

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