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Products you can sell with E-junkie

This page lists just a few of the types of product you can sell online with E-junkie. The items listed below will be linked to specific instructions once those are prepared.

You can use E-junkie to sell...

  • MP3s
  • Documents / eBooks
  • Event tickets
  • Software registration codes
  • Software
  • Other files and codes
  • Phone Cards, Gift coupons (your own and others')
  • Videos
  • Scrapbooking kits, Knitting patterns
  • Photos, Icons, Themes and all other files
  • Secure areas / Password-protected folders
  • Membership & access (one-time payments)
  • Posters
  • CD and DVDs
  • T-shirts
  • Cutomizable products (like mugs or t-shirts with slogans)
  • Books, Toys, Buttons and Other tangible items
  • Digital file and a CD/DVD
  • Digital file with an option of CD/DVD

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