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How to Sell With E-junkie on Social Networks


The simplest approach here would be to obtain the href= URL from your button code for an Add to Cart or Buy Now button, then you can paste that URL directly into anyplace Facebook allows you to share or post a link. However, buyers might be unsettled by clicking a link on Facebook that takes them directly to a shopping cart or actual checkout, so it's generally better to post a link to your own storefront site, or to a specific product's sales page on your site, where you have placed your E-junkie purchase buttons for buyers to place an order.

If you'd prefer to create an online storefront or sales page in Facebook, first you must create a Facebook Page (not just a regular personal Profile) for your product or company. Then you can add the Facebook App Static HTML: iframe tab to your Facebook Page. This App will add a new tab to the header of your Facebook Page, where you will be able to paste custom HTML such as product photos and your E-junkie Cart or Buy Now button codes. To see an example of this in action, check out the "Selling on Facebook" tab of our own Facebook Page here.

After you install the App to your Facebook Page, move its tab to a more visible spot:
  • Go to your Facebook Page;
  • Click on the More ▼ tab (right end of the tab bar next to your Profile Photo and just under your Cover Photo);
  • Click Manage Tabs;
  • Drag the new Welcome tab up into one of the top three spots;
  • Click Save.
Then rename the tab to something more appropriate:
  • Click Settings (just under the top blue Facebook toolbar);
  • Click Apps;
  • Click the Edit Settings link under the Static HTML: iframe tab app;
  • Enter a Custom Tab Name -- e.g., "Buy Here" or "Shop Now", etc.;
  • Click Save;
  • Click OK.

From there, just return to your Facebook Page and click the Custom Tab Name you'd entered, where you can add HTML content to that tab for selling your products, including your E-junkie Cart or Buy Now button codes.


On sites like Myspace that let you paste or edit HTML but don't allow you to paste JavaScript, you can simply use the non-JavaScript version of our button code in your profile on that site.

When you go into Seller Admin > Get Button Code for your product, simply UNCHECK the box on the button code screen which says Uncheck this box if you need to use the code on MySpace....

Then you would simply copy the modified HTML code we provide there into your Myspace profile, wherever they allow HTML -- the About Me or Who I'd like to meet or General sections are a good choice for this. Buy Now buttons may also be a good choice if you just want to offer an instant-purchase button without the added complication of sending buyers into a cart screen before checkout.

IMPORTANT: If you are using Buy Now button code you will need to modify the code you paste into Myspace before you save it to your profile! Simply change every https:// from our code to show http:// instead, and replace every & (ampersand) with a ; (semicolon) instead -- e.g., if the standard Buy Now code you copied from Seller Admin looks like this:

Buy Now

...then that code properly modified for Myspace would look like this:

Buy Now

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