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30-Day Money Back Guarantee 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied for any reason, E-junkie will refund your last month's payment upon request. However, we'd certainly appreciate an email explaining the nature of your dissatisfaction; in many cases, we can explain how to accomplish something with E-junkie that you may not have realized was possible!
We ONLY require payment of a flat monthly subscription fee; there is no bandwidth cost and no transaction fee, nor any other hidden fees. You can subscribe to any of the plans below from your E-junkie Seller Admin depending on your requirements, and you can upgrade to a larger plan at any time as needed. You only need to subscribe when your free trial is over.
Non-profit organizations (charitable, humanitarian, or otherwise just plain awesome causes in our opinion) can qualify for FREE E-junkie services. Please contact us to inform us of your nonprofit status and we will waive your monthly fee.
Number of Products column below shows the number of different products you can upload or configure to sell -- e.g., for just $5/month, you can have up to 10 different products up for sale. For plans supporting digital products, Storage Space shows how much space your download files can occupy on our server; digital plans of $18 or higher will also let you store your download files on ANY Web server, which would not count against your plan's storage limit here. Tangible products that are closely related by buyer-selectable options (e.g., size/color/style/etc.) can be configured as Variants under a single cart product. If you have ANY questions, please contact us.
ALL plan levels allow UNLIMITED sales with UNLIMITED downloads!
Max. Number
of Products
Download Storage
Space (MB)
Remote file
storage support?
(click for details)
Monthly Cost
10 50 no $5
20 * * $8
20 100 no $10
40 250 no $15
60 * * $12
60 500 YES $18
120 500 YES $27
150 * * $16
250 500 YES $40
350 * * $19
500 700 YES $60
700 * * $28
750 900 YES $90
900 * * $41
999 999 YES $125
1000 * * $50
1999 1999 YES $145
2000 * * $100
Larger plans are available for an extra $20/mo per additional
1000 products and 2 GB storage space, or for non-digital plans an
extra $10/mo per additional 1000 products. Contact us for details.
* Plans without storage cannot support digital-product delivery.
If you need more space than 7999 MB, please contact us and we will add more space in your account @ $20/month per additional GB (1000 MB) above 7999 MB. However, you may find it more economical to store downloadable files on your own server and issue them via our secure, expirable download links, a feature available starting at our $18/month plan level or higher. Files stored on your own server do not count against your plan's storage limit with us.
  1. You DO NOT have to subscribe or pay anything simply to register, and we have no way of charging you for any payment without your deliberate consent;
  2. You ONLY need to start a paid subscription after your 1st week of FREE TRIAL and ONLY IF you decide to keep using the service as a merchant selling your own products;
  3. When you start a subscription, that sets up an automatic payment schedule in your own PayPal account that will send us the same amount every month, starting from the day you begin your paid subscription;
  4. During your subscription, you can change your plan anytime. The change will take effect immediately, but you will not pay the new price until your next, regularly-scheduled monthly payment;
  5. All of our plan levels support UNLIMITED sales where you receive a payment from buyers; however, the number of Free Checkouts (orders for a 0.00 cart total) that you can accept per day is limited according to your plan level; please see our Free Checkouts help page for details;
  6. Update/newsletter mailing-list services unrelated to order processing and fulfillment do incur a surcharge to cover our extra overhead costs for those; if you choose to use these optional services, their cost will be auto-calculated for you to approve or decline according to the fee structure listed here;
  7. You can end your subscription any time from E-junkie Seller Admin > Cancel Your Subscription (or directly from within your PayPal account, but it's better to go through Admin first). If you have any trouble doing so, please contact us and we can cancel it from our end.
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