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Selling Tangible Goods with E-junkie

It's easy to configure tangible goods for sale online using E-junkie, and you can even configure both digital products and physical products in a single E-junkie account, or even define a product that is both digital and tangible - e.g., a music album product that offers both an instant download and a CD shipped to the buyer.

You may wish to consider using some of these E-junkie features when configuring a tangible goods product in Seller Admin:

  • Shipping/Buyer's Address - Triggers collection of a shipping address during checkout and can apply our shipping calculation feature if you're using E-junkie Cart buttons;
  • Sales Tax & VAT - calculates tax if you're using E-junkie Cart buttons;
  • Inventory Control - prevents overselling when you run out of stock;
  • Variations or Variants - allows you to configure any single product with a range of options (e.g. size, color, style, etc.) which can either affect the product's price/weight/inventory (Variants) or not (Variations);
  • Custom/Third-party Integration - instructs our server to forward the order data to a script on your own server, or to a third-party service, for additional post-processing; this can be used to inform a drop-shipper or a fulfillment warehouse when and where to ship an order, or you could use our standard SwiftCD integration to have them duplicate and mail buyers a physical CD on-demand whenever an order comes in.

Our Getting Started help page is a good place to begin setting up your E-junkie service with products to sell.

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