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How to change which PayPal account is paying for your subscription

  1. First, you must cancel your existing subscritpion payment plan (don't worry, your E-junkie account will remain active through the end of your current prepaid monthly term);
  2. Log out of PayPal when you're done, so you can choose a different PayPal account when you restart your subscription;
  3. Log into your E-junkie Seller Admin;
  4. Click on Start/Update Paid Subscription;
  5. Find a new plan level that will meet your needs (see pricing to review plans in advance);
  6. Click the Subscribe button next to that plan;
  7. This will take you to log into the PayPal account you will use to send us all future Subscription payments;
  8. Choose a backup funding source for your regular monthly payments;
  9. If you chose a different Subscription plan level than before, the new limits will take effect almost immediately;
  10. Your first payment will be automatically deferred until your next regular payment date.

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