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I am not receiving Sale Notification emails from E-junkie

First, go to Seller Admin > View/Download Transaction Log and see if you can find the affected sale. If it does not appear there, we have not yet received confirmation of payment from the payment processor, so our system has no way of knowing the order was actually placed. Double-check every step of our integration procedure for the affected payment processor, to make sure you haven't overlooked anything or made any mistakes; our integration page for each processor also includes a Troubleshooting section at the end with links to additional information.

If you can find the affected order in your E-junkie Transaction Log, go to Seller Admin > Account Preferences and verify you have not disabled the setting to Receive E-junkie sales notifications. If that box is still checked, look in your spam filter or bulk mail folder to see if your email provider has mistaken the missing Sale Notification email for spam; if you find the message there, be sure to mark it as Not Spam, and it may be a good idea to add and to your spam filter's whitelist (if you have one) as well as your address book or contact list, to help ensure delivery of notifications from our system in the future.

This page added by E-junkieGuru on May 10th, 2011 @ 3:44 pm GMT -7
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