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21st Century Marketing/Life Bundle
21st Century Marketing for authors powerpoint, resource sheet and surprise bonus: 21st Guide for Living and Loving w/resource sheet..
Social Media Deluxe Package
The Deluxe Social Media Package will help readers and authors conquer the World Wide Web one day at a time...
5 for $50 on Michigan Literary Network
For a Limited Time The Michigan Literary Network offers 5 for $50.00 on your promotion!..
Mini-Guide to Self Publishing
a guide to assist the writer in getting a touch of what it will take to publish their books...
Literary Empowerment Coaching Service
let us help you get to your eBook literary goals for only 30 minutes...
Once you have downloaded the zip file, please find the HTML file titled, "Start Here." Open the file and click on the links inside of the HTML file...
Author Spotlights
Highlighting your literary project on our website, through our maillist and our social networks...
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