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Shrinking Woman
Veronica Figurine
Experience Veronica's shock and curiosity as she see's a giant (you!) for the very first time! Touch her tiny hands and feet, be gentle and lover her, or take a look up her skirt and admire her cute, tiny panties and be naughty with her! She'll love you!..
Matt and Jeremy are just looking for a fun and exciting night. When they buy tickets to a club called "Unforgettable" they have no clue what a life changing night it will be! This comic contains material only for adults over the age of 18, Furry..
My Pet Girlfriend (Issue #3)
Tasha has managed to get out of jail and Daisy's formula has spread through the whole city infecting everyone! Find out what happens in the epic conclusion of MPGF3! Poll winners also announced in this issue!..
Marie in Wonderland
Marie travels to an alternate universe where her best friend is obsessed with her and the neighborhood nerd wants to dominate her. Will Marie ever get back home? Curiouser and Curiouser! Join Marie down the rabbit hole for 40+ pages of a sexy SW action pa..
Marie in Wonderland 瑪琳的奇幻冒險 (中國語版)
Metamorph (English Version)
After receiving a mysterious package, the young 'cute character' illustrator, Mee is found slowly transforming into a Fennec Fox. As she treks through Downtown Tokyo, taking the subways, walking through crowds, Mee must endure painfully embarrassing trans..
Metamorph メタモーフ (日本語版)
My Pet Girlfriend (Issue #2)
The exciting conclusion to "My Pet Girlfriend"! Sam and Daisy find themselves tricked by an old foe, and forced to transform! Along the way questions are finally answered, love is rekindled, and enemies meet face to face. 28 pages total includin..
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