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Happy Crafts: Nine Colorful Crafts You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less
This ebook is filled with nine of these short "happy crafts" that can be done in very little time, and usually for not much money...
The Beginner's Guide to Short Video: How to Create, Publish, and Promote Short Videos
The Beginner's Guide to Short Video is an 18 page ebook that helps bloggers dive into the world of short video creation, publishing, and promotion...
50 Writer's Block Busting Blog Post Prompts
Ranging from silly to controversial, there is SOMETHING on this list of 50 ideas that will get your typing fingers moving once again. THIS RESOURCE CAN BE DOWNLOADED FOR FREE WHEN YOU PURCHASE MY E-BOOK: "Mad Writing Skills: A Non-Threatening Guid..
Mad Writing Skills: A Non-Threatening Guide to Grammar and Writing for Creative Bloggers
Mad Writing Skills is a light-hearted look at the basics of blog writing, complete with worksheets and practical tips...