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Mad Writing Skills: A Non-Threatening Guide to Grammar and Writing for Creative Bloggers

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By nature, creative bloggers are improvers. We are, after all, the people who see beauty in the curbside find and function at the salvage yard. We are always seeking out ways to improve our blogs for the sake of our readers, for financial gain, and for personal satisfaction. We read the boring manuals of our fancy cameras and sift through the endless advice given to improve SEO. With all the polishing and enhancing, revamping and updating, I think we forget to work on one of the most basic elements of our blogs: the writing.

We sometimes get so caught up in the details that we don’t make use of all the tools we need to communicate with our readers:
-How to write a focused and coherent tutorial.
-How to make use of correct grammar without sacrificing our “voices.”
-How to correctly order each post’s information.
-How to connect and communicate with our readers.

I wanted a resource written specifically for creative bloggers that provided those guidelines without sounding like a dusty old textbook. Mad Writing Skills is a light-hearted look at the basics of blog writing, complete with worksheets and practical tips.

This ebook is designed for:
-New bloggers who want to discover their own writing style.
-Experienced bloggers who want to get back to good, clean writing
-Bloggers who seek to improve their blog’s professionalism.

Mad Writing Skills is 45 pages long and includes 6 worksheets to help you improve your blogging starting TODAY! The ebook also contains 7 tear sheets with practical tips and lists to keep in mind each time you blog.

Price: 5.00 USD

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