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online piano lessons
Learn how to play those special chord sounds you hear the pros play time and time again!..
Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy
Learn the art of "right hand chord piano" the easy way and add dimension to your piano playing!..
The Ridiculously Easy Way To Master Those 7th Chords On The Piano!
It's 7th chord mastery at your fingertips! Simple step-by-step video animations make it all crystal clear!..
Piano Chords 101 Triads
Never played chords before! Master the four basic chord types in minutes!..
Play Piano By Ear 5-Pack
Play Piano By Ear! Gain Access to SIX of our popular programs in a special promotional bundle that's sure to open those ears and lead you to creating some very interesting sounds at that piano or keyboard of yours!..
Pro Piano Chord Secrets
The little manual that so many people have used to start achieving some of those special sounds the pros play! A perfect introduction to the world of piano chord voicings.....
Pro Piano Chord Bytes
This 24 week subscription will have you playing those "hot 'n spicy" chords like never before!..
13 Minute Video, too! Enjoy and benefit from this chord voicings chart that illustrates some of the essential sounds heard and demonstrated in the very popular Sneek Peeks #1. A complimentary video that corresponds with the chord chart is also included!..
Sneak Peeks #6
A very special cocktail piano video session that will give you the "player's edge" once you expose yourself to it again and again and implement what's here. Please have a ball with this one!..
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