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online piano lessons
13 Minute Video, too! Enjoy and benefit from this chord voicings chart that illustrates some of the essential sounds heard and demonstrated in the very popular Sneek Peeks #1. A complimentary video that corresponds with the chord chart is also included!..
Sneak Peeks #6
A very special cocktail piano video session that will give you the "player's edge" once you expose yourself to it again and again and implement what's here. Please have a ball with this one!..
Piano Styling Deluxe Package
Learn to make your favorite songs exclaim "WOW!" as they flourish with color and pizzazz! This amazing collection will take you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to becoming a super-sonic piano stylist!..
Learn how to play those special chord sounds you hear the pros play time and time again!..
Pro Piano Creativity: The Nitty Gritty
Truly a must for the individual whose aspiration is to really put himself or herself in touch with the essentials of piano styling creativity. This one will allow that inner creative musical genius within you to breath!..
Pro Piano Chord Bytes
This 24 week subscription will have you playing those "hot 'n spicy" chords like never before!..
Piano Fills Workshop
Learn the art of decorating those melodies with piano fills and you experience a sense of artistic freedom you never did before!..
Cocktail Piano Secrets TRIO
Three super popular cocktail piano learning tools available via instant online access. Enjoy substantial savings by taking advantage of this amazing trio today!..
Cocktail Piano Starter Pack
Beginner at cocktail piano? This starter pack is for you. It features FIVE of our popular learning tools at a promotional price you can't refuse. Learn 7th chords, how to play with confidence, piano styling tricks, and more!..
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