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Two-Story/Steep Rope & Harness Class Training Manual

Seller: Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC
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Expand Your Work Service Opportunities With "Rope and Harness" Training! Learn more about K-Squared's Rope & Harness Certification with the purchase of the Two-Story/Steep Training Manual.

Call us @ (936) 537-6759 for location and dates of next certification class!

Did You Know that Adjusters with "Rope and Harness" Training:

* Meet OSHA requirements for implementing safety procedures on the inspection of all roofing slopes of 7/12 pitch or greater.

* Make more money and are cost efficient to the Insurance Industry by completing their own steep roof inspections rather than referring them out for completion by staff "Rope & Harness" teams

* Average more and longer storm assignments than those who are not two-story/steep trained

* Can eliminate the risk of personal injury associated with steep, high and slippery roofing inspections

* Utilize "Rope Grabs" & "Ascenders" to significantly reduce the difficulty of climbing any roofing surface

Copies of the Rope & Harness E-Manual provided for the purpose of detailed course overview however, does not include all of the instruction information required for course certification. All E-Manual purchases come with a 10% discount of full Rope & Harness Certification class.

Price: 50.00 USD

You are buying this product directly from Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC. Please contact Catastrophe Career Specialties LLC for ANY questions related to this product or purchase.
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