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Download 101 Spanish Verbs Quick Study eBook

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Perfect study companion for learning 101 Spanish verbs - contains 6 verb tenses and their patterns (present, preterite, imperfect, future, past participle, present participle). Color coded to help you remember the tenses, with helpful hints and memorizing techniques. Easy Quick Study Guide PDF that can be viewed on your computer or printed into a booklet on your printer (double sided printable booklet version included). Includes fast find English to Spanish glossary of verbs, and a system to easily track your progress by checking off verbs you've learned and those you've actually used.

eBook sold directly by author Stacey Tipton - author of Musical Spanish and Learn Spanish Verbs Fast!

(28 page booklet, 2 PDFs included, Latin American Spanish) (2 MB)

* 101 of the most important Spanish verbs
* learn key verb patterns
* 6 conjugations for each verb
* easy grammar explanations
* color coded verb tenses
* activities throughout help you learn faster
* fast find glossary of English verbs with Spanish translations
* easy checklist to track your progress!

Price: 7.99 USD

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