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Complete Usui Reiki Training Manual Levels 1-Master

Seller: Stephen Lovering
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Usui Reiki Manual Instant Download

Are you a Reiki Master looking for a complete Usui Reiki Training Manual?
Are you a new comer to Reiki looking for more information on this healing art before purchasing a course?
If you are then read on as the Complete Usui Reiki Training Manual may help you!

This complete training manual covers all levels of Western Usui Reiki and is presented in a simple and easy to understand way.

Ideal for Reiki teachers and Practitioners who are looking for one manual containing information on all levels of Usui Reiki - also ideal for newcomers to Reiki who have not received manuals of their own.

The manual contains information on Levels One through to Master and includes hand positions, symbols, consultation and treatment record forms and attunement procedures.

Information on subjects covered are below.

The three levels are in one 70+ pdf downloadable manual which you can save to your pc and print as required.

Level One Manual Contents

Introduction/Choosing a teacher
What is Reiki
What is an Attunement ?
What will happen after my Reiki Attunement?
How does Reiki work?
Reiki History
Reiki Principles
Essence of Reiki
Reiki Levels
The Reiki Session (Body Scan/Hand Positions)
Where can we use Reiki ?

Level Two Manual Contents
The Reiki Symbols
The Power Symbol
Mental/Emotional Symbol
Distance Healing Symbol
Emotional Healing Meditation
Distant Treatments
Group Distant Healing
More uses for the Symbols

Level Three Master Manual Contents

Professional Conduct
Master Symbol
Master Symbol uses
Attunement Preparation
Attunement Procedures
Distant Attunements
What to teach
Energy exchange
Consultation/Treatment Record forms

After making payment you will receive a link by email to access and save the pdf file to your pc. You can then print as many copies as you wish.

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Please note - to work with Reiki you will need to receive attunements to each level

Instant download for just $1.99 (Limited offer price)

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