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Happy Hair: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo

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HAPPY HAIR: The definitive guide to giving up shampoo

Save money, ditch the toxins and release your hair’s natural beauty

By Lucy AitkenRead

“This book is holding my hand through the tough transition to going shampoo free. Shampoo is another side to the Beauty Myth - it's not good for us yet we have been taught we need it daily! The book is a total step by step friend taking you through it all, without preaching to the reader.Buy. Read. Go NO POO.” Amazon Reviewer

“This book is your one stop shop for everything NO Poo related, I can't recommend it highly enough. There is a wealth of info on the internet for those wishing to explore giving up shampoo but a concise, inspiring guide to taking the plunge has been missing and this book is the business! Best of all, Lucy explains the science behind how our hair is naturally equipped to clean itself in a way that I can actually remember and wax lyrical to anyone who will listen! And yes, my hair is thicker and shinier than ever.” Amazon Reviewer



Chapter 1-But WHY?

Chapter 2 - How it Works

Chapter 3 -Coping with the transitional period

Chapter 4 -Natural alternatives to shampoo

Chapter 5 -Natural alternatives to conditioner

Chapter 6 -Natural alternatives to styling products

Chapter 7 -Hair troubles during transition

Chapter 8 -Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 9 -Conclusion

Extra Resource: The Six Week Fail-Proof Transitional Period for No Poo Success!

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