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Reiki Ebooks
Usui Reiki I
In this Usui Reiki I Ebook class you will learn the history of Reiki, receive a traditional attunement to Reiki (we will set a date and time for this after you purchase), and learn to treat yourself and others...
Pilates for Back Pain eCourse
The Pilates for Back Pain eCourse features a self-led curriculum (ebook, videos, & audios) that will take you from pre-Pilates fundamentals to the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classical Pilates mat work (including some standing footwork, wall ..
Addiction Interviews Ebook
Interviews with 5 individuals who have overcome their addictions and what helped them to truly change...
Get Rid of Bad Habits
We repeat patterns often that hold us back. Get free from smoking, overeating and other habits that restrict you...
Road Rage and Anger Management
I'm a licensed psychotherapist and deal with people daily with anger problems. Driving is an area where we can easily get upset. It can ruin your day going to work or returning home. Learn tips to control this and keep a calm and peaceful mind...