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perfoming arts e-book
performing arts e-book
Performing Arts E-books
18 FAQ's (frequently asked questions) about the Music Biz Ebook by JaWar
JaWar, Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series answers 18 FAQ's (frequently asked questions) about the Music Biz. Recording artists, garage bands, singers, songwriters, musicians and hip hop artist will benefit from this ebook...
Before you go out and buy your next piece of studio gear, read this guide. You will learn how to get the sound of a professional studio at a fraction of the cost. Not only will you save you thousands of dollars; it will also save you from hours of frustra..
Atlanta Music Industry Connection Ebook by JaWar
The Atlanta Music Industry Connection EBOOK by JaWar is the most complete directory, phone book, listing or guide of Atlanta Music Industry Professionals. You will also get helpful tips, steps, resources and how to information that could BOOST your music ..
Los Angeles Music Industry Connection Ebook by JaWar
Your Music Industry Connection to L.A. (Los Angeles) and beyond. A complete list of resources, tips, hints and how to information for both the newcomer and seasoned professional alike...
The Truth about Record Pools, Music Conferences, Talent Shows & Open Mic Ebook by JaWar
You'll find the most complete directory of U.S. Music Conferences and Record Pools in the Truth Book by JaWar. You'll also read details about how to truly benefit from music conferences, talent shows, open mics and record pool meetings. This book has some..
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