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Sea Midge
Sea Midge is modelled on an Old World boat originally developed as a yacht dinghy for use upon the North Sea. It is an excellent all-around work horse and is light enough to be carried anywhere. Rowing boat plans and construction of Sea Midge are simpl..
25 Coconut Flour Recipes
The perfect coconut flour dessert recipe guide. Learn how to make wheat flour alternatives using coconut flour that not only taste great, but are healthier as well...
The Privileged People
The Privileged People is a powerful spiritual teaching about how to create a separate world within this one. Like many of our Spiritual Avatars, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Abraham, etc. they were able to live a life separate and distinct from those around th..
The Part-Time Army Leader Time Management Course
This course is designed for the NCO or officer serving in the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Learn how to be more effective, work smart, and maintain balance at the same time...
100+ DIY Projects to Make with Fruit Scraps by JES
An Old Fashioned "Waste Not, Want Not" Recipe and Resource Book..
Sea Skiff
Step by step instructions for building Sea Skiff using modern plywood building techniques and materials..
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