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Night Seasons (Overcoming Discouragement, Depression and Suicide)
Night season represents pains, hardship, discouragement, difficulty and despair in life. Everyone who had ever lived in this planet earth had been into a night season in his or her life. And so many people are in their night season right now...
Writing and Travelling Ministry
The places you can’t go, your materials will go. The people you can’t reach, your write up will reach them. If you are timid to preach, the written message can go far. You will learn how to succeed in Traveling ministry...
World war 3 (Elmaltafir)
There was world war one 1 and world war two 2. There will be world war 3. Atomic weapons will be used. History repeats itself on people who do not plan ahead. Wise people understand the times and know what to do. The coming world war is just the CLIMAX of..
Sex and Porno (Overcoming The Habit)
Millions of people have sex and watch pornography daily. There is pleasure in having sex, but when sex is not done within the proper context, it could generate negative effects. This book will give you information you need to overcome the habits...
Handling Success In Life and Ministry
It is a common saying that those who don’t understand history will repeat it. You can live a life free of making some major mistakes. Life is not a game of luck or chance. It is what you know and practice that will work for you. You can be successful..
Revival is Now
Soon, there would come a global revival by the Holy Spirit; a move of the Holy Spirit that would supersedes all the moves of God in history. This book is written to help you walk in revival...
Understanding Dreams, Visions and Prophecies
There is growing desire in the hearts of people to have some supernatural knowledge and understanding about their lives, marriages, careers and future. You can know certain things about your life: past, present and future through dreams, vision, prophecie..
Visions and Revelations (timely Prophetic Messages)
This book is a collections of so many timely prophetic visions, dreams, revelations and prophecies the Lord gave to this author...
60-Minute Blog Mastermind Intensive
Let me help you get on the fast track to making a profit from your blog...
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