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Don't Fear the Spreadsheet PDF e-Book
The world's most basic Excel book. If you have a job interview where you have to "know Excel" this afternoon, but this book this morning...
Excel 2013 for Scientists PDF e-Book
Teaches scientists how to create graphs, analyze statistics and regressions, and plot and organize scientific data...
Formulas DAX para PowerPivot (Spanish) e-Libro
Este libro es el primero en abordar fórmulas DAX, la capacidad central de PowerPivot, desde la perspectiva de la audiencia de Excel..
Slaying Excel Dragons PDF e-Book
Slaying Excel Dragons actually tells the story of what you can do with Excel from beginning to end. No bits are left out. You get the complete story of how to build a foundation of Excel skills that will enable you to accomplish any of your goals at work..
Excel 2010 Business Basics & Beyond e-Book
Excel 2010 for small business owners by Excel MVP Chris "Smitty" Smith...
Excel Workout Tool for TapouT XT2
Excel Workout Tool for TapOut XT2..
Excel Workout & Nutrition Managers for P90X2
Excel Workout Tool for P90X2..
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