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4. Garden of Love 3:59
Dedicated to the emotionally blind who cannot see how much we have to offer. (Appropriate for people that see love as a fairy-tale)..
5. I Never Had a Chance to Tell You 3:41
Again the music is elevating the lyrics message as if prepared to reach anyone who lost a loved one. (Appropriate for all people missing loved ones)..
6.  Free Spirit  3:22
An enthusiastic Christian song, flying across the sky into the world to spread the word in a high dimensional written Country-Rock style. (Appropriate for everyone that needs to be up lifted)..
7. Mambo  3:58
Amadeus wrote this song in memory of a selfless soul that brought a lot of joy and happiness to a bunch of crazy kids. (Appropriate for everyone that loves to dance)..
8. Dancing Alone 3:44
The entire work it’s a successful realization considering the well-orchestrated balance of music origins.(Appropriate for everyone that loves steamy Latin music)..
9. I’ll Be Your Man Tonight 3:40
Delivered in a funny context this song just like the rest in this album will make a delightful addition to your music library. (Appropriate as a gift for ladies with sense of humor)..
10. A Glass or Two of Wine 3:17
Only a smooth operatic voice as Amadeus can bring this song at the level of a distinguished performance. (Appropriate for all love birds)..
11. Next Season 2:53
"Next season" has all the ingredients of a timeless song, most likely Hallmark Music at its best. (Appropriate for the hopeless romantics )..
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