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Vortex of Love (Theta)
Enter Theta bliss, with ambient electronic music and Vocoder FX on spoken words of Abundance, Appreciation, Clarity, Decisiveness, Eagerness, Love, Passionate and Passion. A background shimmering FX is made from mixing 528 Hz with 852 Hz and white noise...
The Definition of Diva T-Shirt
Grab your Diva T-shirt and proudly display your divatude!..
No Is A Complete Sentence
Learn to say No. No is a complete sentence. Learn how and when to say no. Take control of yourlife...
Free worksheet to help you achieve your travel goals
[Free Download]: This month, The Goal Setter’s Club is focusing on our “Travel Goals”. What are yours? Download your free worksheet at and get started...
Loving a Narcissist Virtual Course
Eight-week virtual fully supported online course to help you understand your narcissist, why they are the way they are, and then heal your story to help you love that narcissist unconditionally...
Leigh Valentine Beeauty: Firm & Lift Serum w/ Q-Vidasomes
This is a firming & lifting facial, eye & neck serum that will: Reduce the lines and wrinkles Minimizes the appearence of pores Increase the firmness of the skin Skin appears smoother and more vibrant!..
Paperback: CarbSmart Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Living Cookbook - FREE US SHIPPING
50+ Amazing Low-Carb & Gluten-Free Recipes For Your Healthy Ketogenic Lifestyle by Dana Carpender & Caitlin Weeks...
Becoming Ambassadors for Christ
This is the second level in the Discipleship Series that takes a believer to a new realm of discipleship in Jesus Christ. This manual is for seasoned believers who long to walk in a greater measure of discipleship and surrender to the Lord...
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