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Lawn Care Contract -- Combo Estimate & Contract Form

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Lawn Care Business "Combo Estimate & Contract Form" (PDF, Electronic File)

"I want to say thank you. Every aspect of my company is because of the advice and products you provide which are the foundation [my company] was built on; your guidance is a blessing. I utilized your advice, products and SCORE as a building block for my business plan which inevitably won a grant with the Department of Labor to get started ..." C.F., Acworth, GA. Read more testimonials: Click HERE.

Designed Specifically to Address Being a Lawn Maintenance Business Owner (Real Estate Contractor) in a Market Full of Foreclosures ... Saves Time, Money, and Illicits Key Information from Clients to Help You Get Paid for Services Rendered, No Matter What Ultimately Happens with the Property

Description: Lawn Care Business "Combo Estimate & Contract Form", 2 Pages, PDF, Legal Size (can also be printed in letter-size format).

The Lawn Care Business "Combo Estimate & Contract Form" is an all-in-one form created by a noted industry contractor to cut down on paperwork and to address the sticky situation of being a real estate contractor in a foreclosure-ridden market. When the company first started their business, they had a separate estimate form, a separate contract form, and a separate invoice form.

But this combo form acts as the initial estimate form; then becomes the formal contract upon execution by both parties. And, it even acts as the final invoice for the client.

MUST-HAVE Real Estate Contracting Form in a Foreclosure Filled Real Estate Market

This PDF form contains the following:

--Verbiage specific to the industry as it is today as more and more real estate contractors work with REO ("real estate owned") properties in pre-foreclosure and foreclosure states;
--Wording specific to working with realtors and real estate professionals in a foreclosure-riddled industry;
--Verbiage specific to working with banks and mortgage companies in a market full of REO properties.

Always take this form onsite to write your initial lawn maintenance estimate. You’ll need to take two blank copies of this form with you so you can leave one with the client and take one away with you. This is a PDF document, so you can print out your blank forms as often as you need to.

SAVES TIME: This form is invaluable and will save you time because it has been designed specifically for the real estate industry at the height of a market filled with FORECLOSURES. You will not need two separate forms; this ONE will do.

SAVES MONEY: This form will save you money because the wording will illicit the key information needed from customers (banks, realtors, investors and other professionals in this market) to ensure you get paid, no matter what happens to the property or with an outside contract.

Lawn Care Business "Combo Estimate & Contract Form"
2 Pages, PDF, Legal Size (can be printed in letter format also).

Published by Stone Cottage Books

Price: 7.00 USD

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