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Why You Should Know Some Coding

Even if you are not planning an eCommerce business, you still need to have a web-presence these days.  I have seen businesses in recent years have more and more trouble because they do not have a web-page, or their page is woefully behind the times, like restaurants without an online menu.

But why should you know how to code anything when you can use systems that can do it all for you?  Or just pay someone to do it all for you?

The short version is, because it can only help you.  Sure you can just use a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) system, where you can put together a website without knowing a lick of code; but most of those systems, like WordPress and WIX provide a way to add code to your page as well, and this allows more customization, even if you are just trying to get that exact color, you can do so with the HTML color code.

If someone else builds your site for you, what happens if an emergency comes up and they are unavailable?  That little bit of code knowledge could save your site from being down for a weekend.

Okay, so you have decided to up your web game and learn a little bit of code, but where can you do so?  There are a number of free options, from HTMLdog to W3School, and more beyond that.  These tools allow you to learn and write basic code, and that is all you need.

Once you can write some basic code you can even customize your E-junkie cart and buttons.

Usually, at this point, we explain some of the negatives when it comes to a topic.  But there are not any disadvantages to knowing some coding, just be honest with yourself on what you know.  Knowing some HTML code, doesn’t give you a grasp of more complex coding, and that’s fine.

You online presence is of the utmost importance in this part of the 21st century.  Once again, even if you are not a company using eCommerce, and we will explain why you should later, you need to be available online to customers, your own website, a Facebook page, Twitter, and so forth.  You just need to give a little time to it.

Good Luck and Good Sales