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E-junkie music iconE-junkie's ecommerce tools are perfect for musicians looking to sell music (whether singles or full albums) on a band website, blog or social profile. Our tools make it easy to create individual Add to Cart buttons for each MP3, and package up a full album as a collection of tracks. 

File delivery is secured, so only paying customers receive the file in their inbox within seconds of checkout, without being able to hotlink your MP3s to their friends. And with our low monthly price, including no transaction or bandwidth fees, you maximize your earnings, so you can buy more gear, finally get that tour van you always wanted and avoid being another starving artist.

Use E-junkie for ticket sales and merch, too!


If you are selling single tracks, it's just like selling anything else. If you are selling albums / EPs, read the steps below.

  • Step 1
    After you register (you get a week of FREE TRIAL), you can add tracks from our Admin panel. For each track, you will receive Cart or Buy Now buttons which you'll need to copy and paste in your website. If you are placing these in your MySpace profile or Facebook page, disable the "JavaScript" checkbox in the button code screen. Once you are done adding and uploading all the tracks, you can add a "package" product where you can group all the tracks together and sell the complete album.
  • Step 2
    Buyer purchases your product using our buttons and pays you directly into your PayPal, 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net or ClickBank account using their credit card or PayPal account. Your payment processor notifies our server.
  • Step 3
    Our server verifies the notification and screens for fraud. The buyer is then redirected to the download instantly (if applicable). Additionally, an email is sent to the buyer with the download link and your custom message.


If you're only selling complete albums, you can simply combine the tracks for each album into a single ZIP file and upload that to your album product; be sure to prefix your original single-track filenames with a track number (e.g., 01, 02, ... 10, 11, etc.) before you ZIP them, so they'll come out in the right order once unzipped.

If you want to sell each track individually as well as combined into complete items, it's a simple two-step procedure:

  • Step 1
    Add and upload all individual tracks as separate products by going to Seller Admin > Add New Product. Make sure to prefix each product's Item Name starting with the track number (e.g., 01, 02, ...10,11, etc.), so the full-album download links will come out in the right order.  You will get Cart or Buy Now button codes you can use to sell these individual tracks.
  • Step 2
    Create another product for your album by going to Seller Admin > Add New Product. Tick the option to Bundle other products. This will reveal a list of single-file products you can select from to comprise the album; buyers of this album product will be issued a collection of download links for the single tracks you select here. See Approach B here for more details.

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