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Killer Ecommerce for Killer Apps

software iconE-junkie specializes in helping you sell digital files securely, a perfect solution for developers hoping to self-publish software, apps, code libraries, plug-ins, you-name-it. What makes E-junkie special is its simplicity and flexibility. It fully integrates into your own website with easy drop-in button codes, so you can hack together any implementation you desire while avoiding the code bloat of the large, off-the-shelf platforms. Perfect for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and most other popular site-builder platforms, as well as conventional web-design software.

How it works: after your payment processor confirms to our system that they completed the buyer's payment, we grant the buyer access to their Thank-you Page containing a custom download link for your app, along with a confirmation email. Each buyer gets a unique link that expires after the maximum Attempts or Hours you specify, and if you prefer to have us pull the file from your own server, our links also cloak your remote file URL and minimize your file-transfer bandwidth. You can also choose to redirect the buyer to a page on your website and even embed our links there if you want to control the experience. Learn more about download delivery here.

E-junkie is also great for selling generated codes, with a custom designed feature that allows you to sell license keys to trial users of your software using your own web-based keygen script, or you can have us issue registration serials from a stored list of pre-generated codes. Learn more about codes delivery here.

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