WWRWTW Secret Message Prompts

Prompts based on the book Women Who Run With the Wolves

A 7-Page Digital Download in PDF Format

Last Fall (2019) it came to me in a dream that I was to return to the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. I had given away my copy, so I had to acquire a new one for myself. With it I felt this warm connection to a spiritual aspect of me. As you probably know, there is SO much to this book. I wanted more of an on-going way to be with it. In January 2020 I set to work to create these circular prompts coinciding with phrases from the book.

I haven't done something like this in a long time. It has taken awhile, much longer than I am used to projects taking me, but I did only work on it when it made me happy to do so.

There are 7 pages of 12 secret message prompts, 84 in total. It is a PDF file.

Thank you!

61.91 MB PDF

USD 10.00

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