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Table of Contents

Welcome to the Course!

Day #1: The benefits behind doing this

Day #2: Do you know why?

Day #3: Finding the support to keep going

Day #4: You're busy. When is there time?

Day #5: How to prepare yourself for success

Day #6: Give the monkey something to do

Day #7: Still wrestling with the monkey?

Day #8: How can you tell if you're doing it right

Day #9: How to sit

Day #10: Your eyes and building a habit

Day #11: Starting your session

Day #12: How to close your session

Day #13: Apps to keep you going

Day #14: What if the timer doesn't go off??

Day #15: When's the best time to meditate?

Make your friend’s day

Day #16: Where can you meditate?

Day #17: How it can change your perspective

Day #18: Is it OK to think during meditation?

Day #19: What to do with great thoughts

Day #20: How to release tension and stress

Day #21: Dealing with outside distractions

Day #22: How are you really starting your day?

Day #23: Do we really need to be meditating?

Day #24: How it affects the rest of your life.

Day #25: Doctors and lawyers and you!

Day #26: Where else can you meditate?

Day #27: How to handle the uncertainty of life

Day #28: What else is now possible in your life?

Day #29: The best advice I can give you.

Day #30: You’ve made it!


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